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Bree Baich
Dallas, Texas
Corporate Trainer with a passion for people, mentoring, coaching and cutting edge technology!
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I'd like *both* please! Congrats, again. Glad you're back... we've missed you!
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Thank you, JBobby! I've seen you in action many time when it came to thanking those who gave *you* a helping hand. Impressive!
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Thanks, Cheryl! ..and you're right, it does seem to be a privilege we tend to take for granted. I know I won't see it the same. Also, thank you for sharing your story about Akron Children's, I'm with you! They too are another passion for me. You see, I was born with a bad kidney and spent plenty of my early childhood in and out of hospitals with doctors trying to uncover the cause. Then along came Akron Children's and my health was restored. One less kidney, but great memories of my stay created an undying gratefulness to the kind-hearted folks who work there. Did you know that last September Xbox 360® and Children's Miracle Network held a contest to offer an XBOX room to the hospital that gained the most votes? It became my daily challenge to help get them to the top of the list. While we ended in 10th place - it was amazing to see support from virtual communities who logged in daily, posted to Twitter and Facebook to help fight for #1! Yea, social networking ROCKS! I’m so glad you’re a part of ours!
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Jun 1, 2010