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Hi John: Thanks so much for these insights: exceptional stuff. May I suggest there's a sharper lens for conversing about this? You may recall meeting Gunther Sonnenfeld, my partner at UBIQUID.US/THINKstate, a new collective intelligence/data visualization engine, at your LA book signing a few months back. One of our inspirations (I'm a former immunologist who came to coll intell via a second career as digital media/marketing guy) stems from...the brain stem itself. We are in fact hard-wired as human beings not simply to share mood-states (passion, charity, altruism) but story itself, which is the predicate for any shared emotion, right? I say predicate because we have to contextualize that emotion in story/meme/narrative (simple as shared personal reflection, complex as a piece of shared immersive tech) *before* passion means anything. The big guy in this space (he's rigorous and should win a Nobel, you ask me) is Jaak Panksepp. He's THE guy where brain anatomy meets human social functionalities meet emotion. His Wikipedia entry doesn't do him justice: you want to sit down with this book Panksepp, J. (1998). Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions. New York: Oxford University Press. and his new one: Be great to continue this conversation with Gunther and our partners Ishan Shapiro (our knowledge federation guy) and Gavin Keech (our UX designer, whose Entanglements rubric underpins everything we're doing). cheers/Brendan
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Jan 19, 2011