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Can't wait to have you in MN Ben!
Ben, this reminds me of a story I read in David Breasher's book High Exposure. David recalls a time when he had a very low level role filming the movie Cliffhanger and how he was scolded after giving uninvited feedback on how a certain scene should be shot. Breasher's recounts, "It was only later that I came to realize how intensely personal a cinematographer's vision is. When you have that kind of vision, it's distracting at the very least to have someone interrupt from the gallery."
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An RV. Nice. I can see you rolling one of those. With some tight rims and your pink bike on the rack in the back!
Ben, you are seriously the man. You had to have seen the movie Rad right? All time best BMX movie. My brothers and I had bikes that we would jump off the curbs and steps at the AA building down the road from our house. And since we lived on a 5 acre hobby farm we had enough room for my dad to bring in a couple loads of dirt and build us some table tops, hills and berms to ride on. Great memories!
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Hey You Have Your Thing... at History in the Making
Minneapolis! 1. 32 degrees all year. 2. As politically split as possible. 3. Need the story of a Savior badly as sports teams flounder. 4. More Target's than a person could dream of!
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Nov 15, 2010