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Brent Jones
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We should be teaching algebra using spreadsheets. It would certainly fit with practice problems. ---------------- "The Algebra 1 test is a reading test with numbers." Doug Reeves is completely correct. But I would go much further. Because of the reading comprehension involved, all standardized exams such as the SAT and ACT are actually reading test first and content test secondarily. When you cannot read and comprehend the introductory paragraph, the multiple choice questions are impossible to answer correctly. I have often observed students answering choice C for every answer. Less often they simply do not shade any answer. Where is the analysis of these: 1. Correlate English (or more precisely Reading Comprehension) to Science and Math portions. Low reading ability will always result in lower science and math scores. 2. In the last ACT students started at 8:30 AM and worked without breaks until 12:00 noon. They started with English and ended with Science. Because they were mentally tired, I predict Science scores would greatly increase if given at the start. 3. Correlate reading comprehension scores to "use of same answer choice for >10 consecutive items" and "no answer choice given" My prediction is that these factors will correlate closely.
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