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ok either typepad hates me, the fact that i'm using safari or i've officially gone crazy.. either way the entire diatribe i just wrote vanished after hitting 'preview'... uggg. If thats the case, here's the cliffnotes - sean: you checked out the wrong app from Damon. Tweetstats is old, he part of a new startup (named and they've got a product called rowfeeder ( it does everything you were looking for and more.. plus its free, uses google spreadsheets + is sexy as shit. Combine that with postrank's api + you've got a reporting tool + dashboard that beats any $1k+ service/application... plus you'll get more data (not to mention the data that YOU actually need.. not just what they 'predict' is the synopsis). damn that sucks my comment went poof.. anyhow, also checkout this recent study on the real influencers + what kind of 'engagement' a re-tweet actually has when put to the numbers - cheers, brent
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Sep 4, 2010