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Thanks so much for posting this. My beloved KA bit the dust last year and BF wants to try and repair it. I posed the question of "does anybody know anybody" and a participant at Serious Eats advised me to visit your site. I sent my KA back and they said it couldn't be fixed but wanted to sell me "a refurbished model for $X." That really made me angry because they told some other poor soul that his or her KA no longer worked but somehow it was able to be refurbed for RESALE?? I got mine when my daughter was born. She's now 22.5 years old and I'm still not willing to give up on it. Wish me luck!
Come on Sandra - I've seen your pantry. You need to share it with the world - especially after your most recent "project."
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on Other People's Pantries #133 at The Perfect Pantry®
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My pantry is nothing more than a closet and I have to be very careful what I store in it because some college graduate decided it would be wise to build a pantry closet NEXT TO A HEAT VENT. Not being an architect, I'm guessing it's the vent that funnels heat from the basement to our second floor. It's not wise to keep canned items in a warm place and until I can remedy the heat problem, I'm stuck using my kitchen cabinets to store heat sensitive items. If anyone knows what I can do to make the pantry less warm, please share!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on Other People's Pantries #131 at The Perfect Pantry®
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Is there a MOMENT during the year when there is NOT something on your stove bubbling away in your canner??? Gorgeous pantry and of course, you could survive the next nuclear holocaust well past nuclear winter.
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I happened upon your blog doing a search for the Twofer pie recipe. The only other place I know it's published online is the Saveur website and the recipe is incorrect on that site. I love your little pies in the ramekins!!! Are they served in the ramekins with a spoon or fork or do you dare "de-pan" them and serve without the ramekins. You mentioned you gave some to your neighbors - I hope if they were still in the ramekins, you got them back. PS -I've made the Twofer pie every T-Giving since it was first published and I also have made that boo-boo where you melt the butter, it's out of sight, and doesn't make it into the pie.
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Jan 15, 2010