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Peter Bretscher
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Get rid of GDP. Wrong measure.
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What Taylor further wrote: “In the past, Man has been first. In future, the system must be first.” "This in no sense, however, implies that great men are not needed. On the contrary, the first object of any good system must be that of developing first-class men; and under systematic management the best man rises to the top more certainly and more rapidly than ever before." This paper has been written: First. To point out, through a series of simple illustrations, the great loss which the whole country is suffering through inefficiency in almost all of our daily acts. Second. To try to convince the reader that the remedy for this inefficiency lies in systematic management, rather than in searching for some unusual or extraordinary man. One problem I see is that the economic system - includin the metrics - is not made for managing intangible nor respects the existence of the "subjectivity of values".
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Jul 1, 2010