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Keith, This is exciting! Well done, framing it in terms of The Next Step, rather than a sad ending. I'm in, too. : )
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on From Queso to Catharsis at Keith Jennings
It's SO true, and ironic, that restriction breeds creativity. It's ironic, but awesome. Give yourself a writing prompt–now that you've got direction, you can turn on that creativity inside. Until then, at least for me, there are too many options, so you don't pick anything. Once you get started by using a restriction of some kind, eventually you will have enough structure of your own. Then you can move the framework around or change your restrictions if you need to. But a Jenga tower has got to start out in a standard shape before you can start modifying it. And for jazz musicians to riff innovatively on a theme, they've got to know the scales and chords that are not interesting on their own.
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Mar 7, 2012
Wow, Suzie, I'm going to have to come back and read your comment again. I just wanted to add my two (facetious) cents–I think you missed out on a big opportunity here by not choosing the word-in-a-word "Borat." ; )
I was going to comment, but then I ended up doing a little bit of commentary on your post, here: Loved this piece, Keith! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2012 on On Finding Your Voice at Keith Jennings
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Jan 21, 2012
Just a great post, Keith. I love thinking about serendipity, unplanned connections and creativity. The thoughts that come from connecting seemingly unrelated things... It's something I want to set myself up for more. You can't say "plan" for it, exactly ;) but you can plan to put yourself in the right situation and frame of mind. Another thought–have you written anywhere about your daughter? I'm assuming you adopted her, since you're not Chinese . :) I guess a personal post like that isn't the focus of Keitharsis, but I'd love to hear the story. :)
Sometimes, I'll try to solve a problem or reach a goal – that is, I go on a quest for a solution or an answer – but I don't succeed on my own. So I get up, and I go ask somebody to help me out. When they join in and help me at my request, in a sense this is round two, and I am re-questing. Sometimes, making a request is your backup plan.
This is simple, but stellar. It's a wonderful thing to do, enjoyable both in its end results and along the way! I've done a sort of similar thing in my stage of life, playing audiobooks from the library while I'm on my commute. I "read" fifteen to twenty books last summer doing that. Great fun. :)
This is a great dose of perspective. Sometimes you need to step out and spend time with someone you may have wanted to but never felt like there was a good rationale to give them. Well, it's a good enough reason just to want to spend time with someone, right? Maybe someone who has a different background, or someone you just think you could learn from, since we all have different viewpoints and understandings. And plus, having someone to just chat with-it's always great to have a new voice, even if it's not about a serious topic, or if it's just temporary.
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Apr 8, 2011