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Brian Awad
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Rick - I have owned my own landscaping company for the past 15 years and sold most of it off for a better investment of my time and money + profits. I met a publisher and had him create fresh 900 + domains and we put them into my cash parking account. I haven't been able to find someone that can help me with understanding the secrets of how they make money in Cash parking besides parking their domains. They have to be doing something for each domain that they own to be as successful as they are on a monthly basis. I have mostly all .info's and a guy I know has about 500 domains making $15,000 monthly with .info's. he will not share his secrets with me. I am suck, and need to make this passive income for my family to survive... Can you help me? ( is my company site if you wish to see who I am. - Brian
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Jun 3, 2012