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In the end, most artists are looking for a soundbite or clip anyways so I think the short form reviews could be an interesting new way of doing things. It feeds into the whole short attention span thing too. I'll be following @spinreviews for sure. Brian Bergeron Twitter: @BrianBergeron
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Bandcamp has been fantastic to use. I released a 3-song EP in December, not planning on making much money from the release but the majority of people who have purchased the album have paid more than the suggested amount (and it's available for FREE). Plus, a lot of my audiophile friends like being able to choose the format they want. Brian Bergeron
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Great quote! Something to think about.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on Quote Of The Day: Bob Lefsetz at hypebot
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I've only recently started using Twitter and am still finding my footing but it's been an invaluable tool so far. Here's to its continued growth!
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I do quite a bit of street performing but this works in club situations as well. I have a sign on my merch table that says: "HEY SMARTPHONE USERS! Receive a FREE download of my full album if you add me @BrianBergeron on Twitter or BrianBergeronMusic on Facebook and post where you saw me perform!" People who are less inclined to buy music but want the free CD are likely to do the simple task to receive your music for free. It fosters a relationship and also has them post to their own networks where they saw you perform. When you get home you send them a link to your BandCamp or wherever you host your music.
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May 27, 2011