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Mark - I like that you've made a point about recognizing upcoming budgeting milesones and that Marketers should be ready during (at least) these times to tell the story of how results have progressed YTD and what their strategy is for the second half of the year. However, instead of just the 4 multiple-choice options that you've described, I'd like to see marketers looking at this event with a more astutue sense of strategy than just "spend more or spend less". Some other smart questions that marketers should be equipped with heading into midyear: - How have aquisition and retention #'s tracked to the plan we set out with? (We did connect our marketing plan to forecasted results, right?) - If we're ahead or behind plan, do we know why? Was the effectiveness of our marketing activities so far part of the reason? Do we know which activities? Can we intentionallly repeat or avoid in the future? - Based on our current situation, what *Activities* (not just spend levels) do we recommend to close the gap to plan by end of year, or extend the performance that we've had so far?
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May 14, 2012