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Brian Kelly
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Mr. Zorn, Thank you for your insightful article about the Selective High School process. As parents of an 8th grader, we have followed the guidelines to achieve enrollment into one of these schools. We prepared our child throughout her elementary school years and she has accomplished a straight A average all eight years. However, my daughters perseverance still was not completely sufficient. The concerns I have as a parent is how the teachers in her elementary school reassured us that the curriculum in math, science, and english will properly prepare her to challenge such a rigorous application process. They as educators truly have failed my daughter and us as well with their inadequate instruction in these all important subjects. This Mr. Zorn where the problem really exists in the neighborhood schools. The lack of dedicated professional educators who truly have a vested interest in the child's educational advancement towards higher critical thinking. The way the neighborhood school processes children through the system without the fundamental ability to understand and grasp the principles of thinking in the subjects of math, science, and english is in my opinion a crime. I place this squarely at the feet of those teachers, principals, and CPS administrators who continue to foster an educational system here in Chicago as self-serving and without passion towards their chosen profession. So I ask you this Mr. Zorn, " What is the alternative for a Chicagoan? "
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Mar 5, 2011