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Max, I am no expert. However, I am a pilot and aviation enthusiast. I am 32 years old. In my experience i have, like many, over come many obstacles and put up with the old ways of aviation, to get to be a pilot. Aviation, as a whole is not a cohesive industry in the way it reaches out to the general public. Many, many business are seemingly in business with an airplane, a sign and a phone number. No real marketing or sales experience or thought on how the customer views the whole experience. While other recreational industry's ( Golf, RV, Boat, ATV, Auto)have successfully invested time, money and effort into building a customer friendly, inviting path to satisfaction. Aviation has done everything but. Try and call your local FBO flight school, and you will get an earful of pilot jargon, price overview and most will not even bother to take your name or schedule a tour or intro. Websites are bland and not engaging. If you want to see who has it right..look at ICON. They are engaging the masses with enthusiasm and have yet to even ship the first plane!
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Apr 25, 2011