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.... Why did JuLiar squander Twenty-Five-Million Dollars of the confiscated wealth of those Australians who'd earned it and who owned it, into the Clintons' money laundering and self-enrichment machination ...? Why? Pay for Play, of course. For future backscratchings. [thanks for the comment Brian - you are spot on - details here MPS]
#auspol @Bulmkt Goodness, Andy - Feels as if I just lost a leg. Thank you for having taken the time - Your Rant will be sorely missed around here. Take care - Best regards. Sincerely - Brian:.
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#auspol .... voices advocating for the "palestinian" cause in the country .... Apparently meant to call Carlton's one of the Australian voices advocating for the continuation of the invasion and occupation of Gaza, Judea and Samaria by the psychopathic, raping, serially-sodomizing, sexually-mutilating, sister, goat, one-another and little-boy-buggering, Jordanian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian and countless other common-garden Arab muslim philistines that dare call themselves "palestinians." But, whatever the writer meant to say, it is as the author of this column states it and as I less-eloquently paraphrase here, that even after making allowance for his Terminal-Alcoholism-induced around-the-clock drunken state and the inherently-corrupt bastardy that state guarantees, Herr Carlton is a full-blown fascistic-Leftarded 1930s' Neo-Darwinist-Nazi-replicating antisemitic - a Jew Hater -- and has earned no nor deserves any place in a Judeo-Christian-Civilization-based public discourse. Brian Richard Allen
.... I seriously doubt there will ever be a chance again for 18C to be repealed .... Lives to be fought on another day. It's a New York City to a single brick lay-down misère that fascistic diktat will be repealed before the end of the first year of the next parliament. Be a mistake to underestimate the Visionary Mr Abbott.
.... the senate voted 39 to 32 to pass the Australian Government’s CO2-Tax Repeal .... The visionary Prime Minister Abbott again (still!) striking at and demonstrating his determination to reverse the 'Death of Australia' machinations of the un-and-anti-Australian Maoist traitor, Whitlam -- and of his every bit as treasonous fascist-Leftard successors. Not every one of whom sailed and/or sails under the banners of the Labor/Greens' Gang.
.... Study: People who claim to worry about "climate change" -- and/or who worship at that fascist fraud become godless mass hysteria posing as a cult's altar -- use more electricity .... Of course they do. Like every other of the endless flow of fascist frauds descending from the psychotic-and/or-sociopathic Left's Malignant Envy-become self-and-own-culture and-invariably-and-inevitably own-species loathing zealotry, the Mann-MadeGW scam is a beginning-to-end LIE. Self Righteous bloviating aside the Mann-Made machinations have nothing to do with "climate." They're ALL about POWER. (And their excessive use of its similarly named energy form is of no consequence to those evil bastards: Self-anointed our superiors -- and self-appointed our managers!) Brian Richard Allen
#auspol The UN Gang is a Soviet Union-authored criminal machination designed to rip off the west and to funnel the loot less freight demurrage kicks back and commissions to the Turd Wurld. The Aus government has as much business being a member as it has being a member of the bloody Mafia! The same cannot be said of the post-the-Maoist-traitor Whitlam's Socialist-International-subordinate feral bureaucracy, whose allegiances are primarily with and to its offshore cohorts cronies and fellow criminals!
#auspol Congratulations Prime Minister Abbott, Minister Morrison. Defenders of Australia's Sovereignty and Rule of Law. And - that'll give the fascist Left's ratbag ranters something more to hate all y'all for. Wanna be hated by the Left? It's easy. Do something.
#auspol .... Is it a "war on coal ...? .... EPA is all about "fighting against pollution" and "fighting" for "'public' health." .... And that's exactly what this is .... The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones. And any good Richard Milhous Nixon ever did, was surely so interred. But the evils such of his unconstitutional fascist expansions of feral gummint power as is represented in his increasingly-authoritarian "environmental protection agency" (and a dozen like it) are already costing America's GDP an annual Thirty-Three Trillion-odd Dollars. And are spiralling America into an apparatchik-run tyranny. Brian Richard Allen
.... Unions have contributed much more good in this country than any other institution in Australian democracy .... And - after correlation is noted as not being synonymous with causation - Short Bill could not name a single "good" done - EVER - by a single union. Capitalism has contributed every good done in Australia and every advance made in every relationship between employers and their help. Parliament? Get real. Only very slightly less damned damaging than unions (both of whose negative impact is outstripped by that of bureaucrats) -- and the far-too-often co-mingled combined impact of all three costs Australia's GDP around an annual Three Trillion Dollars!
What else to say? A Truth Teller! Viv Forbes Rocks! Always has - Always will!
#auspol .... and if it turns out that the critics and the naysayers and the members of the Flat Earth Society - if it turns out that they're wrong .... Poor meat-locker-IQ Jean-François Julia Stimson Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões Ferreira Kohn-Thorne-Heinz-Kerry (Or whoever or whatever rich widder's gigolo he's being this week) -- and such of his as-dangerously-dullard ilk as poor ol' rapist, Al-Fredo Gore-leone and Zero, too -- simply but I repeat myself doesn't get it that the Goebbels' Warm-Mongers for whom he shills and shucks and jives and roots represent the Flat Earthers and we who demand that science question everything and who are to a Man when confronted with evidence ready to turn in a New York millisecond to accept the new evidence -- are Galileo. God save us -- if You can -- but the inmates are running the asylum! Brian Richard Allen
Hardly seen before the 1970s, muslims' face coverings are the purely political statement of a - for one-thousand-four-hundred years, already - invading, colonizing, enslaving, raping, sexually-mutilating, mass-murdering, sister, goat, one-another and little-boy-buggering, eff-you infidel, totalitarian ideology that both calls itself and demands -- of all -- total "submission!" And but poses as a "religion." Usefully-idiotic Queensland politicians but I repeat myself just gave a boost to its hostilely-invading and as-hostilely-colonizing and culturally-corrupting influence. "Radical islam" is The Beast; "Moderate islam" is its Trojan Horse and; Queensland parliamentarians just pulled the Trojans' Horse deeper into Civilization's Castle. . Brian Richard Allen
#auspol The malignantly-narcissistic ideologue psychotics who preach and who promulgate the fascissocialist faith and their as 'zealot-ized' subject sociopaths who -- too damned dumb to know they're lied to and/or who're too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy to care -- usefully-idiotically fill that false faith's pews, have, in addition to their cult-definitive blind faith in the most abjectively failed political philosophy there ever was, (Totalitarianism -- including by its every other name)one other defining characteristic: Every one of the poor dumb basta*ds feels to the marrow of his bones that what he feels -- about anything and, narcissistically, about you and yours, too, is way more important than actually doing something. Thus a fascist Leftard Tweet that, condensed into 140 characters: "I love 300 by now ritually-gang-raped, sexually-mutilated, serially-sodomized and subjected to terrorizing threats of mass murder -- and hate Boko Haram;" is "good" and Responsible Adults' dispatch of the SAS and its rescue of the girls, puts the Responsible Adults - We Who Are Right - on a par with Boko Haram. For every totalitarian: AKA communist, fascist, Stalinist, Nazi, Atleeist, Maoist, Whitlamist et al? Symbolism Trumps Substance. Brian Richard Allen
Toggle Commented May 17, 2014 on Hashtag Activism at Andy's RANT!
Simple fact is that islam (submission) is a manifestation of evil; is the world's oldest and most bloody murderous totalitarian ideology -- and but poses as a "religion." The reason the informed compare the psychopathic false-fuhrer-following islam with the psychopathic false "prophet" following Nazis is that the two ideologies are as conjoined twins and their effect is indistinguishable, one from the other! The pagan-heathen/Satanist, Hitler, admired Muhummud and Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, were intimates. Less well known is that the very worst of Hitler's Holocaust/Shoah-Era mass-murderers were Europe's islamanazis. To be fooled into believing Civilized Men are at fault for observing fourteen hundred years -- and ongoing as we speak -- of islam's murderously-hesperophobic barbarians' interface with Civilization -- during which time and as mandated by their main mad mullah's Mein Koranpf, islamanazis have murdered tens of millions -- is to be a person on the way to being gang-sodomized, sexually-mutilated or murdered. Or all of those! Brian Richard Allen
.... The new feral gummint ministry Labor intends to introduce should it ever win another election .... Close -- but no Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day Box for you, this year. Labor doesn't need to do any such thing since the un-and-anti-Autralian un-constitutional arrogation by the Leninist/Maoist traitor Whitlam (his systematic and systemic treacheries well supported and well complimented by almost every one of his successors in the office) of all individual and effectively of all of the states' liberty and autonomy and power and its centralization in a Socialist-International-subordinate and/or ALP-activist owned, operated and controlled, increasingly-authoritarian-regulatory, self-anointing, appointing ("public-service" commission) and perpetuating bureacracy and thus, decades ago, insidiously spiralled Australia irreversably on to The Road To Serfdom's on-ramp. Australians are already and have been for decades already the world's most surveilled People and the thought police in various forms are alive and well and - for example - recently vented their bile on Andrew Bolt. The chance that Australia will not see a more overt and in-your-face form of these fearsome fascists? Zero! Brian Richard Allen
.... The Green lobby has long been raving that methane emissions from cow burps and farts contribute Mann-Made "global warming" -- but few have so far focused on Human emissions .... Of course not - see the post above. (And in case the larger world might ever confuse the green lobby with Humanity)
#auspol Gives new legs to the old adage: "Opinions are like farts: -- Everyone has them but no-one wants to hear a fascist Leftard's." Brian Richard Allen
.... With luck, Australian's voted out just in the nick of time the Labor Green rainbow alliance before they irreversibly rooted Australia .... No such luck. The unconstitutional totalitarian centralizing and expansion of fascist federal power perpetrated by the statist traitor, Whitlam and by those of his successors including Fraser and especially by the racketeering Socialist-International-subordinate and Treaty-Powers-corrupting Hawke and Keating -- and by the KRuddjuLiar Gang -- at first insidiously and lately more arrogantly overtly decades ago saw Australia sent irreversally into the spiral to The Road To Serfdom. Down the gurgler. The totalitarian grab of when and who brings our bloody bedpans, even, for what state control of "health care" actually is: "The keystone to the archway through which all free men will be marched into the totalitarian state!" -- Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov "Lenin" GESUNDHEITSWESEN MACHT FREI .... And then there are the twin tyrannies of "multiculturalism" and "political correctness" that both destroy Australia's culture by creating the maximum dissent among Australians and have created what the fascist Left calls "racism" and the bigotry it has institutionalized and that forbids discussion of the cynically-centally-planned cause of that dissent. That the maximization of that dissent required the indoctrinators called "educators" to instil in modern generations a loathing of an Australian People, a culture and of a country that never existed? Not even a bump in the Road To Serfdom's on-ramp. By their corrupt missuse of the Treaty Powers, Whitlam and his as-fascist followers, Hawke and Keating especially, stripped away individual and states' liberty and autonomy. Irreversably rooted? Reckon! Brian Richard Allen
As usual and as on every subject he addresses, Modern Australian Hero/Icon, Viv Forbes, has already, on this topic, too, said all that needs saying. Perfectly!
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2014 on Flood Plains are for Floods at Andy's RANT!
#auspol .... British sniper in Afghanistan kills six Taliban with one bullet .... And then went home to picnic with his kids. The point being, what's the bloody point? The war in Ashcanistan was quite brilliantly fought and won, by America, (and notwithstanding - as later in Iraq, where, set up and supplied at Basra, the Poms employed their experience from Ulster Province and drip-fed appeased the local militias for a few years before scarpering back to Blighty - America flew out a few Poms for show and to stroke the execrable Tony Blair's ego) by December of 2001 and since then has been an absolute waste of time and treasure and especially of the lives of the Good Men who've been killed there for no damned reason that anyone other than a politician and/or a psychopath - a Buraq Hussayn O=Zero, say - could and/or would advance. The septic tank of empires - literally - Ashcanistan has never been and will never be a "state" - let alone a nation -- and the Projection of western ideals of "nationhood" on it has always been the absudity beyond absurdity! Brian Richard Allen
.... Viv Forbes is the Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. He is a geologist, mineral economist, "political gadfly", part time company director and full time sheep and cattle breeder .... And has been as consistently correct on more aspects of Life on Earth and politics and commerce and social intercourse among Men than anyone else I know and for longer! Viv Forbes is an Australian National Treasure.
#auspol Insofar as is concerned the Apparatchiks Committing Tyranny (ACT) the (criminally) insane run not only the asylum -- but the whole damned deal. The Fascissocialism Psychosis has long been the Australian Public Service Commission's minimum requirement for employment. And every union's, every "journalism" school's, every corporate lobby's and is every ALP selection commitee's minimum prequalifier for pre-section. Or well may we, post the totalitarian traitor, Whitlam, say: "God save the Queen!" Because, short of a miracle -- or a revolution -- or both -- nothing will save Australia. Brian Richard Allen
#auspol .... purposely undermining 800+ years of democratically determined human-rights compliant Law now puts Britain firmly on the path to committing cultural suicide .... Close. But no Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Box for The Tele, this year. The Brits committed cultural suicide by their gradual adaption of the evils of socialism and although it took the execrable Clement Atlee and his successors to put in the final nails, once-great Britain had already spiralled irreversably down The Road To Serfdom before the end of the nineteenth century. The "Great Britan" the anglo-American, Mr Winston Leonard Spencer Jerome Churchill "permitted" other colonialists and former colonialists including Americans to defend, hadn't existed for fifty years - except in Mr Churchill's mind. As for what's happened these past fifty-odd years with regard the colonization, by its former colonialists, of once-great Britain, that was murder by fascist-Leftard politicians and bureaucrats, not suicide. Or, as the precient John Enoch Powell, MBE, might (not!) say: I told you so! Brian Richard Allen
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2014 on The Brits are being assimilated at Andy's RANT!
Fahad and Amina Tirmizi claim they were "unfairly" targeted because they were muslim and were wearing politically provocative "muslim attire" .... 1) They may have been "unfairly" booted. Was there any fairness with regard islam being absolutely unassimilable-into-Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization, Fahad and his co-provovateur tart'd have been chucked off the side of the Empire State. 2) There's no such thing as "traditional" muslim clobber. The Arabs, North Africans, Obamas, Indonesians, Malays, Philippos, Thais etceteras - for just a few - all have their own. Even their head coverings and Wirth and/or Coles Brothers tents for sheilas have been effected only since the 1970s and in the West are effected for their maximum passive-aggressive/dissent-affirming political impact, not on "religious" grounds. Brian Richard Allen