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Here in northwest CT.
Semi-retired neurologist, was a better Yippie then a Yuppie!
Interests: Yes, many. Political Philosophy, History, Theology, nature, hiking around the woods and hills with the dogs. Thinking, sometimes about thinking.....
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Majumder: That is a bit too general a statement. The Raj was as happy aligning with a Hindu prince against a Muslim as the reverse. Americans had almost no knowledge of Islam until 9/11. Yes our first overseas expedition was against what would be considered Islamic Terrorists, yet the religious dimension was not thought of in anyway whatsoever. The Barbary Pirates could have been Lutherans for all it mattered! Reagan left Lebanon with little love for Islam, I would guess.
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The real cause of the dismemberment of Yugoslavia was a German project stretching back to the late 19th Century. As The Ottoman Empire died-back, the vacuum was being filled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Russian Empire, and the "impudent" nationalist state of Serbia. The continuation of Serbian independence was an "affront" to Vienna. Good grief, what if the other nationalities of the multiethnic central and eastern European Empires sought sovereignty? The Serbian Nationalist movement the Black Hand assassinated the heir to the throne of The Habsburg (Austro-Hungarian) Empire. As we all learned in High School (before HS was devoted to denouncing American slavery and oppression of brown peoples), Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This pathetic city saw the beginning of WW1, and the ironically suffered in the final battles between the rivals of The Great War! B-H was part of Austro-Hungaria. Princip a Serbian shot him. Austro-Hungary already resented the "impudence" of a tiny state existing amongst the playground of giants to begin with. Now armed with a Grievance as if made to order, this Slavic Orthodox Nation could be attached to Catholic Vienna. After a series of worsening demands, ultimately to allow Austrian troops to enter and conduct the investigation, were refused, Austria declared War on Serbia. The Orthodox Slavs looked to their ethnic and religious friends in Russia. Russia mobilized her massive but very slow to deploy army. Germany, newly formed from the welding together of the myriad of German principalities that had existed between Austria and France, under the flag of Prussia, had become the newest Great Empire on the block. France had an alliance with Russia. And Germany had recently humiliated la France in the Prussian War, forcing her to surrender Alsace and Lorraine. If Austro-Hungaria declared War on Serbia, and Russia Mobilized, Germany, Austro-Hungary's ally, would have to mobilize. The German Empire was in a dangerous position, potentially in a two-front war with France and the Russian Empire. Its strategy was to quickly attack France with a swing through Belgium cutting east along the English Channel before turning upon Paris. The goal was to knock France out of the war before turning to face the slower but larger Russian Army in the east. The rest is History. Britain had an agreement with France and a guarantee with Belgium. The Great War cascaded into the Great European War of The Twentieth Century. There was a truce in 1918. Every single one of the eastern european empires had vanished. A system of weak nationalist states arose. Hitler resumed the war in 1939. The war left the remnant of Europe drained and dependent upon two non-European, though Western Powers: The USSR and the USA. The subsequent Cold War was a time out. But when it ended, the SAME ISSUE REMAINED. The Vatican desired to take the Catholic portions of Yugoslavia (which was cobbled together in the aftermath of the Great War, and survived WW2) out. Germany, wanted the Serbs checked. Recall that Yugoslavia was essentially a Greater Serbia. The final act of the Four Act Play was the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, leaving Catholic Croatia and Slovenia to link up with the German-Catholic Imperium. Bosnia-Herzegovina now had to pried out of the rump of Yugoslavia, or to be accurate, Serbia. This had been the German goal since the 19th century! Modern Germany inherited the appetite from Austro-Hungary (a Germanic Empire also). Germany and the West brought in handy Muslim radicals to destabilize the long history of harmony between Christians and Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Serbs were branded as evil, blood thirsty thugs by The West as it digested Yugoslavia. Finally the time for Serbia itself to pay came. Archduke Ferdinand would be avenged! Kosovo had been a part of Serbia for all of Serbian history. It is a region where the great battle against the invading Turks was fought and lost. Think of it as The Alamo. Think of the Islamic Albanian immigrants and Islamic Kosovars as Mexicans, and demanding independence for San Antonio. The Kosovo Liberation Army was filled with islamic militants from Afghanistan to Morocco. Al-Qaida happily enlisted. Both sides committed atrocities. But only Serbia was blamed. Germany threatened to bomb Belgrade in a rerun of its 1940 heyday. The specter of Maltese Cross bearing Luftwaffe again darkening the skies of Belgrade was too much for the rest of Europe to countenance. So, instead of not doing it, they got Clinton to do it! The USA completed the Play begun by Gavrilo Princip in 1914. Finally the impudent Serbs were put in there place, with even Kosovo taken. But perhaps there is another Act to follow. If the War Crimes Trial pushes too hard, do not think Russia will turn a blind eye to her Serbian friends.
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Agree with your assessment of Beck. I still am not satisfied wit the explanations of his departure from the regular TV show. Nor do I know if the Radio show will continue. Beck is THE only commentator who rightly recognizes the apostasy of America as the first cause. All problems flow from there.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2011 on Obama Goes in for the Kill at Atlas Shrugs
The arrogance of Obama and his obvious hatred of bourgeois English- speaking, gun and Bible clutching America, seem to indicate a lackadaisical campaign for 2012. I suspect that he will have overturned the Constitution by the end of his term. His by-passing The Congress and his ruling by Regulatory Fiat suggests a profound disrespect for the Constitution and its "old fashioned" insistence on separations of power. 50/50 that if he loses, there will be accusations of fixes (the audacity of the The Pot). He will not accept the validity of the electoral college. He will do whatever he can to stir up chaos. Whether or not he gets to stay at 1600 Pennsylvania foes not much matter to him. Just a contested election and more anger and chaos and Days Of Rage serve his ends even better than the restraints of the dumb old Constitutional thing.
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Is Obama's foreign policy really incoherent? Not if its goal is to create chaos that will justify the Global Security State, that will make of America a golem to do the bidding of the EuroTrash/NATO / Vatican/Multinational Mega-corporations Mamzer now arising in all its glory.
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What do you know that I don't? This article is freaking me out.
Straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Literally the latter! But, though both sides cannot be right, it is possible that they could be wrong. Zoning laws have been used to maintain certain qualities of neighborhoods. If no Big Box Stores like Walmart are in the area, I could make the case that Walmart does not need to be at that location. (I do not know the neighborhood to say.) Libertarian orthodoxy would allow for Walmart AND the Mosque, no? Walmart and other BigMarts are peddling foreign made (mostly Chinese) products. Instead of a litigious society in which every interaction of people must be legislated and adjudicated we should try to return to a simpler time when things just were thought right or wrong. Americans should awaken to the damage they are causing the nation, by voting with their wallets for Chinese supremacy. Mosques just are not part of America. Sorry, Abdul, but I would not spend my time in Saudi Arabia looking for a Reformed Synagogue. It is the lack of the common sense born of an organic culture that is on display here. Once upon a time there were the "givens" the unspoken cohesion that form and are formed by societies. We have been lead down the Post-Modern path by "experts", whose deep vision has "deconstructed" the "myths" that hold us as a nation. They did this deliberately. Destroy organic social norms and only written codes, laws and rules matter. Thus, everyone is or needs an attorney! Would Ralph and Ed Norton have sought marriage? To each other? But, since ALL social norms are but arbitrary preferences, "who are we to judge?" Well, we have played that tune to its end. And it ends in a discordant cacophony of City Hall Meetings as described.
Thanks for the reminder that the Assad family still rules in Syria. Why is Syria not mentioned in the same litany of authoritarian Arab states? They are OK with Syria because Syria is Iran's proxy. What is happening is a deliberate staged removal of American allies. By whom? By Obama and the Globalistas! They want Israel surrounded by raving terror states. Then Israel will have to toe the line for the 666 Beast. Syria is already on board that train. But, Egypt and Jordan have to be de-Americanized so America can wash its hands (and seal its fate). Its win/win for BHO and The Globalistas. 1. Military/Security/Industrial Complex, a whole new hand of evil regimes we need to guard against! 2. More Terror events to justify the perpetuation of the "Patriot" Act. 3. Israel can be forced to surrender Judea and Samaria and internationalize Jerusalem, in return for a Papal Treaty, backed up by the EU/US. 4. The final solution to all the world's problems, liquidating Israel. Is-ra-EL bears Elohim's name. Israel is proof of God's hand in the History of Human affairs. This is intolerable to every would be tyrant. And the ultimate Tyrant sitting on her throne in Rome, especially despises the "effrontery" of Jews for daring to exist on their feet, unbowed by men.
I liked the "weatherwife" appellation. "And you don't need a Weatherman to, um,... to Hmmm. well, to do anything, I guess." Robert Zimmerman
A Moral Lesson: First they came for the Founders, for they kept slaves and were willing to accept slavery for the sake of creating a Constitution and the continuance of the USA. Not being a Constitutionalist, I kept quiet. Then they came for the Libertarian Economists who warned against statist policies, but since I was not a Libertarian Economist I was silent. Then they came for the Racists who did not deify Obama. I am not one of those racists, so I kept silent. Then they came for the Homophobes who believe that the Government does not have the Power to change Social Norms. I was not a Homophobe, so I kept silent. Then they came for the Zionists: Jewish and Evangelical. I was not a Zionist so I kept silent. Then they came for Tea Party Folks who sensed a totalitarian link between the Muslim radicals who use terror and those who would use such terror to justify their high tech police state; and not a Tea drinker, I kept silent. And when the symbiotic Islamic and HomeLand Security forces came for ME, there was no one left to speak for me.
He who pays the piper calls the tune. NPR, NATIONAL public radio, it might be argued is an atypical case. With its potential to be mistaken as the official voice of the USA, it indeed may be argued that speech presumed to be "official" by uninformed people could be contractually limited. If so, and if Juan Williams violated the contract, then that is that. This episode should alert us to the problem of the existence of any governmentally funded media. The Constitution provides no power to the Federal Government to be in the broadcasting business! The claims to Censorship are weak in this case. Censorship is when the government blocks or punishes the publication of controversial speech. The Government did not do so. But its Public Broadcasting arm has. But again, he who pays the piper.... We should end NPR PBS and all state-media! Why should the "hunter-gatherers and Bible clutchers" of Fly-Over Land be taxed to pay for pseudo-intellectuals who would talk down on them, if they ever actually listened! The REAL folks of Lake Woe-Be-Gone, probably do not know of Prairie Home Companion. The sketches by Garrison Keiller reveal the Yuppy and Urbane sense of superiority over the cowboys, and the "Lutherans" of the northlands. OH! Radicals eat their own? Shocking.
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Dagney's joke is not as far fetched as might be thought. The recent Parsha included the commandment to Israel that if in some future time we want a king, he must be from among our people. Obama the Kenyanite hails from a nation that borders Lake Victoria, one of the Nile's sources. He IS Pharaoh! America is like Ephraim. His father, Joseph the son of Jacob/Israel, his mother Aseneth daughter of the Priest of Egypt. We, America have the potential for great good or evil. Depends on which parent we choose to follow. The pyramid with the all-seeing eye; or the Lord Of Israel. Prophecy and current events point to an Egyptian role. An oppressor of Jews and a weak reed to Israel.
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Writing from Aroma the Starbucks of Israel. I was gladdened and surprised to see Pamela on CNN! No FOX at this hotel. I hadn't seen any TV in a while. CNN makes no pretense of it's anti-American Republic bias anymore! The 2 commentators blabbing on after Ms. Geller were "debating" the same side!
Yes indeed WOW. Great news in an otherwise depressing day. Buses run! But, is Facebook SIOA blocked still? And South Park producers threatened with pix of Theo van Gogh! Isn't that interstate threat and conspiracy to do harm or murder? If a Tea Partier sent a pic of Obama/Joker to Keith Olbermann I bet the FBI would show a greater interest. Can we not BOYCOTT FACEBOOK say for two days, or would the farmville idiots undermine the effort? How'bout BOYCOTT COMEDY CENTRAL until they run the South park episode without bleeps. Which shouldn't be hard since that is about al that is worth watching there. I wonder if the Brave Jon Daily, who fearlessly speaks Truth To Authority will weigh in on Mofohammed's radio.
Let me be clear that I think the ads were a brilliant idea. The question of censorship however is not that clear to me. In this case, I presume the bus company is a public utility type of government-enterprise mamzer. Since it has a public dimension they ought to have a clear policy either allowing all controversial non-porn speech or not. But, just conceptually, say this is a Private Bus Company. I think that they would have the Right to run whatever ads they cared to run. But in this pretopian world there would be competing bus companies. And if Flying Carpet Bus Company refuses to run the ad, perhaps Galt's Gulch Transport will! At the bottom of the bottom line is personal courage. As Franklin was said to say upon leaving the Constitutional Convention "You have a Republic, if you can keep it" (or like that). If the vast majority of nominal Christians and Jews, in fact mere nominal American citizens, are too apathetic to risk the consequences of resisting Islam, then they have already submitted! They are in a state of islam, submission. The only question left is to which threat will they submit if there are conflicting claims on their submission?
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Agreed. I posted on FB last week that the news crawl at the bottom of the screen on FOX described Wilders as "far right fanatic". I for now will tend to believe Beck is speaking out of ignorance, rather than out of Saudi compromised FOX loyalty. He was making the point that when the depression hit Europe, the middle ground evaporated, leaving only Right and Left. This confuses because he has been correct on the distinction without a difference in re: to fascism vs. communism. I do not believe he is "fraud or traitor" either. The question of Obama's eligibility became a no winner. The media succeeded in painting as loony fringe those they mocked as "birthers". To continue along that line would be counterproductive and tend to reduce credibility amongst the independents. (I wouldn't be that surprised to learn of a Kenyan birth. But, that would necessitate putting the Clintons in the conspiracy. Surely if there was any concrete proof it would have been leaked in the primaries.) I will go to Beck's site and add my three cents.
OK I will post another comment. Our three nations, The Netherlands, Great Britain and The United States of America share s special history. As the Reformed Protestant Dutch revolted against the Spanish, Protestant Elizabeth The First sought to supply them against their common catholic foe. This led Philip to launch the Spanish Armada which encountered a miraculous storm that ended the threat to Britain of a Spanish invasion. The British plunged into mounting civil disagreement with the passing of Elizabeth. The English Civil wars finally ended when the restored Catholic Stewart Monarchy came to power. But, as it seemed that a new and catholic dynasty was to be imposed upon Britain, William Of Orange, and his wife Mary ( a protestant daughter of the restored King Charles II) came to the throne in the Glorious revolution. Orange, of course is a Dutch land. Meanwhile those English who were dissatisfied with the Anglican imitation of Roman catholicism wished to separate they left for the more tolerant United Provinces Of the Netherlands. From their the Pilgrims came to Plymouth. Our three nations, UK, USA, and UP (now the Kingdom of the Netherlands) were a threesome on the road to Liberal Protestant Capitalism. What happens in Holland must interest us in Britain and America.
Per FOX news crawl "Right-Wing extremist"! Has our Western Civilization become so limp, supine, demasculinized that a Gay Dutchman shows more stones than the Main Stream media? Secular Humanism is the actual religion of the west, whether or not one is a nominal Christian or Jew. Mainstream synagogues and churches preach weak tea niceness. Tepid, to be spewed out! Secular Humanism is the conceit that one is above such particularities as culture, language, moral norms and recognizes no possible metric to (dare) grade the particular cultures. All are equally arbitrary. There is no non-relative basis for judging them outside of their own cultural assumptions. I do not believe that. And I suspect that the History of Civilization would be quite different, in a profoundly moral way if say the Aztecs discovered Spain, instead of the reverse. Ahh, I play into the hand of the Sec. Humanists: just look what those greedy Christian zealots did to those poor Indians. Not poor Indians. Aztecs were a genocidal civilization that literally saw all others as food for themselves and their "gods". The God Of Israel, rode the ships of Spain to end their abominations. But, even IF Secular Humanism wasn't repugnant in too many ways to list, there is denying that men do not go out to fight for Secular Humanism and Humanity, as they did for God and Country. It took the macho-culture of the Franks to fight the Muslims to a halt at Tours, and the Poles at Vienna. These were Christian Soldiers. Nowadays Christianity has become t o l e r e n t. Who are we to judge, we proudly ask our betters. Though Wilders is shaming the men of Europe they will try to destroy him. Pacifism and Tolerance in the West is not due to an increased level of morality. It is rather a sign of moral weakness and cowardice. I imagine the Anglicans will still be debating whether to anoint a gay bishop when Sharia Law makes it moot. Wilders, knows what happens to Gays in the religion of Peace. He has the balls to stand up. Where is the voice of Christian Soldiers? That a secular gay man must hold the banner and be dismissed as right-wing fanatic, racist bodes poorly for the future of Europe. God, please open the eyes of Europe and America.
It is a delicious irony that the state that made famous the towns of Concord and Lexington in 1775 and ignited the American Revolution can once again fire another shot heard 'round the world! Praise be for the Constitution, still guarding liberty inn the 21st century.
What a perfect metaphor for the Dhiminshment of the Old Continent! And with that I claim credit and right to coin the word "Dhiminsh" and all its variations.
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Israel should make clear that any major attack by a WMD from any group whatsoever, will be treated as if it were an attack from Iran and retaliate massively. If this is allowed to go on by Hussein Obama either through weakness or ideology, Israel should attack and disrupt the Iranian Nuke facilities, and target the technicians and scientists involved. The sooner the better.
Imagine, you are returning home from Apieceofshitastan, and are experiencing some difficulty in transitioning to being back in America. I recall last year there was much hoopla about the military supposedly pressuring Military Shrinks not to diagnose Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I betcha the White House lit a fire under their asses to do the opposite and assume every returning soldier has PSTD until proven otherwise; this is part of the scheme to deny the right to bear arms to those who know how to do so, and understand that their loyalty was sworn to The Constitution by oath. Now, imagine you are the returning veteran and you are being "treated" by this Muslim who had already been disciplined at Uniformed Services University of Medicine for proselytizing Islam. I imagine his PTSD patients made the Islamoshrink "uncomfortable", as they "vented" their "pent-up rage" at having to deal with good doctor's "brothers in arms". WTF? Why would the Military have a Muslim psychiatrist treating returning veterans from Irot and Acrapistan? To demonstrate their "tolerance"? To comply with PC doctrine? In a sane country the Shrink would have been discharged with the first signs of proselytizing Islam. This, in a nation whose intellectuals were much displeased with the Christianization of the Military! The left in this country is becoming so out of touch with normal Americans that they are unaware just how close we are to rising up and taking them down. Enough! No more self-hating Americans, Protestants, Jews, Atheists and sucking our life out. And if CAIR doesn't like it here, they can feel free to return Sharia Land.