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The point about Goffman's Total Institutions is distinct from the working hours, and way more important. It has a set of management attitudes that are just awful, but quite widespread. I used to enjoy working in the city centre, and hated working on some campus where there was only 'The Company'. Indeed, one-company towns are very dull in my experience. The management seems to deny that people have a life outside work, and also, that they bring nothing from outside work that might be helpful. There is also an assumption of total control (or as near as possible to that) of travel arrangements, computing support, dress code, mindset.
Typo - sorry Ian Hacking, not In Hacking!
In Hacking in 'The Emergence of Probability' points out that we could have had two quite separate words for epistemic and aleatoric uncertainty, but happened to end up with the two concepts conflated.
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Feb 21, 2011