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Brian Topolewski
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Jack: In your essay you state that "They don't think a retired teacher who gets a combined income of $90,000 dollars a year should pay taxes..." This misinformation speaks to the anger many people have against the public employee pension system. I have been a teacher for over 31 years, recently retired, with a pension of only 30,000. When I am eligible for SS, my combined income may be closer to 50,000 before taxes. Most teachers can only count on a pension of roughly 35-40 percent of the avg of their last 5 years of contracted pay. You, as a legitimate journalist have a duty to get facts correct before you state them on the air and in writing. Your responsibility to get your facts correct before spouting off opinions is necessary this day as many in the private sector look to scape goat teachers, police, fireman, for what benefits they have sacrificed salary, working benefits and time for. By hyper inflating a figure to specifically make a point is irresponsible and not worthy of good journalism. You owe a clarification or retraction of your commentary.
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Mar 10, 2011