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Brian Wind
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Honestly, things really do look very bad. I am a long-time amateur naturalist and environmentalist who has become obsessed with global warming. I read everything I can find on this topic, and have become convinced climate change is happening much more rapidly than anyone wants to admit. That includes this blog; instead of sounding alarms is discussing starting a tradition of naming arctic cyclones. Realistically, we have about five years until arctic methane thaws and global warming takes off in earnest. We all know this. But seriously, none of us, absolutely no-one, can deal with the scale of catastrophe that 4-6 degrees global temperature increase would mean with a global population of 7 bill people. And we cannot deal with the profound social and economic changes necessary to avoid this disaster. I will continue to sound alarms as a private citizen, but no-one can hear me. I become another old man ranting about the end of the world. So pour a glass of wine, put on some good music, and enjoy the company of family and friends. Time is running out.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2013 on Arctic time bombs at Arctic Sea Ice
Hi Folks I'm an amateur naturalist and environmentalist reading this blog for about a year. First time posting here.Thank you for consistant and trust-worthy science. What we are seeing here is: No arctic ice by 2015. We all see this. But by 2015, what will the Greenland ice be doing? Antarctic ice? Both melting much faster than expected, much faster than we want to admit. How about the possibility of massive methane release? How about severe weather and drought? And ultimatly agriculture... We cannot grow food with spiking temperatures and irratic weather, and global population will be hitting 8 billion people. Basic ecology and natural history suggest we are about to lose about 7 billion people within 20-30 years. I have young adult kids and I bet you do too. People around me think I am a nut if I discuss these things, so I rarely do, but I am sure we all see... We are looking at the beginning of a huge planetary catastrophe.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2012 on PIOMAS October 2012 (minimum) at Arctic Sea Ice
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Oct 3, 2012