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*sigh* They all look miserable. The kids look like they could use a hug and a few playmates. I am also struck by their utter whiteness. It truly emphasizes how different and out of place these missionaries seem, and conversely, the naturalness of the Samburu. It's not just skin tone, either. After half a decade, they don't seem to have picked up a single cultural anything from these people. They seem immune from it. For them, it speaks to their one-sided view of their mission: We don't learn from them. They learn from us. Rick Maples, especially, seems like a duck out of water. And of course, the missionary adults, at least, are their to "tell" these people the "truth," because, as they quote some long dead person, "How can they know the truth if they are not told the truth?" Such a limited source of truth, these missionaries have. I bet if they took a long, hard look at these pictures, they'd find some truth of their own.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2006 on And Who Saves The Missionaries? at BAGnewsNotes
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