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Bridget Carey
Miami, FL
Technology reporter at The Miami Herald
Interests: All things pop-culture and geeky.
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There has been an onslaught of new Android phones this summer, not to mention the iPhone 4 and touchscreen BlackBerry Torch. So did you end up buying a new top-of-the-line smartphone this summer? Or do you feel burned that you bought a new phone earlier this year and now have to wait? Please take this really short survey and let us know if you got a new phone (or which one you wish you could buy). [Click here if you don't see the survey button below.] Take The Smartphone Survey! Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2010 at All Business
Oh yeah, since I was a kid the Turnpike plaza prices were always more than the normal franchise prices. Noticed it easily back when they used to have Burger King at the plazas -- the combo meals were about a buck more. But I put up with it for the convenience of having clean restrooms and several food choices at one stop.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Highway robbery at The No-Spend Zone
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If that show's a hit, I hope we can see something like this soon from the History channel:
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When living with friends, you got to always be honest about things that you are concerned about -- even on the awkward subject of money. I told Amanda from the start she should let me know right away if there was a money issue, and I'm glad she did. Whether it's about money, utilities, the dishes piling up, a painting -- its best to just bring up issues as they come up. And set that rule up from the start of living together! Because if you don't, feelings will build up, turn your stomach, and eventually explode and hurt a friendship.
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May 20, 2010
What do you wish was done at work to make it easier to be green? Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2010 at All Business
Folks, I do appreciate the comments. Many good points are being shared to give broader perspective to the issue of a company deleting comments on a Facebook page. Please keep them coming. Although the initial topic of my column was centered around the reactivation of the Shamu Twitter account, the comments here about the SeaWorld Fan page are also a topic that needs to be discussed. Corporations managing/censoring comments on a page is a hot issue and I want people to continue to chime in about it. I can see things are starting to get passionate, so I ask to please keep the comments focused on topic of social media. I don't want to see passion turn into commenters personally attacking each other. And as an update, the poll results on the Shamu Twitter account are based on 117 votes as I write this comment, and 86.3% say they want to see @Shamu return.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Should Shamu return to Twitter? at Poked
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Michelle, Samantha -- I was not aware of what comments SeaWorld deleted from it's page. I peeked on the page now and again during the incident and before I wrote the story. As for my comment about them answering questions, I was referring to the posts they made about what they do at the parks (instead of saying nothing), and how they took tough questions at a press conference instead of just issuing some printed statement and hiding. ( I should have written my column more clearly in that case. But on the topic of deleting comments, a few thoughts: - SeaWorld (or any owner of a Facebook page) has the right to delete any comment. And I agree with deleting comments if people were using inappropriate Facebook photos, or if they were harassing or spamming the page with angry comments over and over again. Having a courteous discussion with a non-threatening question is a different issue. In my humble opinion, it's not being social-media friendly for a company to delete well-mannered comments or questions of critique. I don't know which was the case. Attacking a page over and over again isn't something a company has to tolerate -- if that in fact was what happened. Like I said, I don't know what the case was for the deleted folks. If SeaWorld happens to check back on this blog's comments, I'll leave it to them to address an issue about deleting the study. Maybe they got trigger happy, or maybe it was appropriate. SeaWorld didn't have a plan on how to deal with a passionate group of protesters. Maybe now they would do things differently. Maybe not. In either case, thanks for bringing it up. It's a tough issue for a company to deal with an onslaught of anger from a community, yet also be open and engage people with honest questions. We all want to be heard, but they have the right to control their space. And how much censoring should they do? It's still a time for learning for many companies (like Nestle). Does a place like SeaWorld have the right to kick out screamers on a page that is designed for their fans to talk about their brand?
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Should Shamu return to Twitter? at Poked
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Brandon Routh was an awesome Superman! (And he was the perfect Clark Kent, mimicking Christopher Reeve's mannerisms.) Shame that Singer can't do another one. I thought the movie was great... cept for the whole kid part of the story.
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Feb 8, 2010