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Bridget Hefner
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I started following you on Twitter and have read your blog occasionally since. I read this story in "Just a Geek" but it still has the same impact on the second reading. You've perfectly captured that pain of something you can't ever undo; even now you still feel that, don't you? Even after sharing the fireworks with your family that ache is still palpable...
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I hope I never forget the waiter who stopped mid-order and said “I know you! You helped me get through high school!” Kids like him and like you are what make the job fun. The proposed Texas state budget for the next two years eliminates the Loan Star program, interlibrary loan and the TexShare database access. Apparently our legislators were never library users.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2011 on librarians are awesome at WWdN: In Exile
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So would this be a steady role, and not just a guest appearance?
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I first watched the adult you on Leverage, then followed you on Twitter (all the cool kids do). When you tweeted that you would be guesting on Big Bang Theory, I decided I might give the show a try. All I can say now is a heartfelt thank you for leading me to BBT, even if you are Evil. (Only on-screen, of course.)
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Oct 26, 2010