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Patty Brightbill
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Lee, My son Taylor who was diagnosied July 12, 2007 age 14 with GBM is walking with you down the same path. His was partially resected and is located in his front left lobe. He took both Avastin and Irinotecan for two years. He took is last dose of Avastin last December (2009) and stopped taking the Irinotecan this past March (2010). We go for MRI's every 3 months and I worry until the results are in. I worry every time he gets a headache which he recently had 2 of them days before the MRI 4 weeks ago. We breathe a sigh of reflief until the next one. So far I feel the drugs are working and his doctors at All Children's (Florida) remind me that he has lived longer than they ever expected. He is now 18 and both he and my daughter will be graduting high school in a few months. It's been a tough road. I read the blog about your friends dad and the memory loss etc, and I look at my son and feel helpless where this is concerned. He maybe 18 but he is more like a young 14 year old child in many ways. Most of the people I find on these sites are over the age of 50+ and are usually bad off. As I read your blog I felt like you keep a pretty positive perspective on your situation. My son feels his positive attitude will help him through this and is the only way he will be able to make it. I hope the path you are on shows the same results we have had so far as there has been no growth in either direction. I feel blessed for every day I have with him. Patty
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