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I am shocked that your readers are unaware of Ron Paul's anti-Semitic and even Nazi connections. Please research his views and beliefs, as well as his supporters, which include the American Nazi Party. I agree wholeheartedly, Susan, that government's job is to enable and facilitate individuals' decisions, about how their money is spent and their personal choices, paramount among them childbearing. Those with large families may have them because God told them to, or simply because they love children. In either case, it's not government's business. And you're completely right about the tax code requiring simplification--as well as the idea that everyone, even low income workers and welfare recipients, should pay something. That is a revolutionary idea that reminds individuals they are not "entitled" to other people's money. One of your best posts ever, Susan. Deserves wide distribution!
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on No Tax Credits, Please at Susan's Musings
Another great post, Susan. People are tiring of reality shows despite their 'misery loves company' appeal, and the old 50s TV shows are again receiving respect (note a recent NY Times piece on Donna Reed) for the two important reasons you cite: 1) the 50s were really more values and family-centric than currently, and 2) we crave role models of successful families. However, in general, even if 18 year olds are able to rise to the tasks of motherhood, it shortchanges teens to add that responsibility when they are completing educations and launching into careers and marriages. It's great when young girls can 'do it all,' but having a child at such a young age is, for most, an obstacle to personal accomplishment. Both babies and teens deserve optimized opportunities to fulfil their potentials.
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Dec 29, 2011