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Margot Brignac
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I have often wondered what happened to the pool since I left Baton Rouge in 1999. I tell everyone I know about the pool and how great it was to have a facility like it on campus. When we were made to swim in the Special Olympics pool, it just wasn't the same. Then came the Natatorium with all of its regulations and now there is a new facility I know nothing about. It's a shame others will never experience swimming in this pool. I can remember being able to smell the coffee roasting all the way from Port Allen. There are just so many good things about this pool that should be preserved and passed along. The Huey P. Long pool was a big part of my current love of swimming. I scheduled my classes so that I had time to swim each day. I even met one of my college boyfriends and eventually my husband there. It makes me so sad to see what has happened to such a beautiful piece of history on the campus of a lucrative University. Actually, it makes me sick. Thank you so much for posting this.
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Jun 4, 2010