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Aug 21, 2012
Just purchased it and am preempting my reading of "Big Sex, Little Death" (!) to put this one on high priority to get a review in by the "deadline". I'm appreciating BSLD so much. I'd like to know more of what happened in Louisville that led to "Expulsion", but the whole young socialist period of organizing seems pretty harrowing. We are not far apart in age (I'm a couple of year older) and our experience is so different! You've done things I've only dreamed of and that's just the kind of reading that a person needs to keep the mind sharp. Thanks for all you've done and keep doing, Susie. I appreciate you very much, although we've never met (in person, at least).
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Indeed: in 1980, on my way up I5 to Washington, I spent the night in the town of Grant's Pass, due to the pass being closed by snow.
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