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Thanks Nicole and an early congrats! Get the sleep in now :)
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on That's all she wrote... at Hall Marks
Anybody read on the topic knows one-way streets are out-dated and were a great idea in the 1950s. They're more dangerous, move people out of neighbourhoods, adverse to pedestrians and only bad news for local businesses. They're also a major hurdle to tourism as unfamiliar one-way grids are highly confusing. The argument in support for the one-way status-quo is simply selfish. It's convenient for non-residents of downtown to by-pass a place they don't like. At this juncture I point to the extensive network of peripheral highways (LINC, RH, 403, QEW) and encourage haters of downtown living to stay far away. Nobody likes to live near a highway. And that's what Main and King have been for a long time. I'm pleased City Staff are not suggesting maintaining one-way and I know myself and many others are ready to move on. Ready to ride a bike, walk and excited for better transit.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on Changing the flow at Hall Marks
I'm surprised her column was published at all. Let alone a reprisal to the warranted hate mail she received. Honestly the vitriol is at a level reserved for the likes of White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers and Fred Phelps. Obviously this garbage sells. I won't be buying the Star for a while. And neither should anybody who loves this town.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2009 on D-U-M-P at Hall Marks
It would go really nicely next to the new Farmers Market and HPL renovation already underway. And proposed rapid transit on King Street. Balsillie has the cash. So this is another cherry to be had if the team comes here.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on Copps makeover at Hall Marks
Everyone deserves protection under the law, drunk or sober. I think it's perhaps a bit silly to charge Hess Village for the entirety of the policing bill. Any entertainment district should have increased policing costs, certainly. Fact remains that the vast majority of Hess Village patrons drink responsibly. They are also paying customers patronizing businesses that pay municipal taxes, probably pretty hefty ones. All of the above people deserve to be able to enjoy themselves in a safe place. In short I believe in NEITHER of the extremes. Neither Hess Village nor Hamilton-Wentworth PD should incur the entire cost of policing Hess Village. More productively in terms of making Hess a safer place I think it represents a great point of contact with young people. Public Health could remind revelers about safer sex and the risk of STDs. Police and MADD could raise funds and sell those nifty ribbons at the same time reminding people about the horrific outcomes of drinking and driving. If this $120,000 is just to keep the Hamilton Police hanging out with the paddy wagon outside Funky-Munky I'd argue we're all getting a bad value for our money. Bar owners or tax payers.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on Policing Hess at Hall Marks