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South Carolina - Near the Ocean
Bill enjoys bringing long term buyers together with ethical and value driven sellers (broker or intermediary).
Interests: blogs, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, reading, traveling, advertising sales philosophy, automotive advancements, internet education of baby boomers, exercise/racquetball, green/environmental issues. and quality movie comedies.
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Teresa, it is my opinion that every buyer having a new house built should document (online) the bad or good story of their new home construction. Only through online transparency of any builder's delivered product's performance will things get better for the buyers, and also for the sellers. While builders say they want feedback from their buyers (I was an overworked and unpaid quality control person for Ryland Homes for the first 13 months), they really don't want the general public to know of their shortcomings when they happen. Builders maximize profits by dealing with their shortcomings AFTER they get their money at close of escrow. In my case and opinion, cost cutting, a stretched too thin "on site builder" who is no longer with Ryland, and not properly inspecting things as they get done so the builder can get its money ASAP, caused a lot of problems, complaints, and stress for my breast cancer survivor wife and I. I've only had a plumbing leak problem show up after the 13 month warranty so far, but one neighbor had an HVAC unit support problem in his attic discovered after over four years in his house. While it may cost the builders to be more quality conscious upfront, I believe it would pay off for all new construction builders in the long run through more positive online reviews and word of mouth. But, that would be long vs. short term thinking for large track home builder corporations.
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Jake H, I don't know what kind of heat pump or A/C you have, as that might affect Ryland's decision? In any case, I'm hoping that my constructive suggestions regarding many things will bring a more enjoyable Ryland Homes customer experience than my wife and I had in our first year for all new customers with every home they build anywhere. Thanks for the potentially encouraging comment.
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Since I really don't know all of the details of your situation, like how old your original struts were when they first started to get weaker, I think you got a good deal from the dealer.
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Raputtak, I really don't know if anyhing official has been resolved.
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Mar 15, 2010