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Ctein, Reading the comments, I had a small epiphany, how much gelatin, or as I refer to it, hide glue, HG, has been an essential element of imaging, probably predating recorded history. Also, that even with science, etc., it has always been a "seat of the pants" material, each batch requiring calibrating. I use HG extensively, wood glue, binder for gesso for gilding, medium for boles in water gilding, and long ago, wet photography. Don't eat much jello. Bron
Speaking as someone who has spent some time in framing, well said! Bron
Strobist tricks, by the way.
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I'm assuming you want to use the AS-15 to fire your studio strobes. Any camera with a hot shoe should work. On the Canon G9, I've taped over one of the contacts, leaving the big central one to fire my Nikon flashes, so that should work with your strobes. Done in manual; after a while it becomes very quick to adjust the camera and lights. Don't need no steenkin auto flash.
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And, as a casual side note, isn't it about time for a whistle, you know, piling on, et al. As David Miller and Hugh Crawford ( I never thought of lens distortion in portraiture as a technique) have said, it probably looks better in person; go figure, Meanwhile, I hope Mr. Emsley has a thick skin, and was well compensated, and now I will go check out the unripe grapes.
So, out of 174,000 registered and active users, 74 voted. Yes, does seem like a "hot button" issue. 8-). With brushes, pigments, carving chisels, and even planes, it's a relatively small investment, so I can try a few different brands. But cameras tend to be a larger investment, so the interest in contentious debate is probably higher. And the interwebs is great for contentious debate.
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Dec 29, 2012