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Brent Brotine
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May 25, 2019
Hey, George, they had the 55-gallon drum of Passion Natural water-based lube on sale again for $1,361.80 with free shipping. A shame that you missed this deal; I'm sure that your favorite executive gym rats took advantage of it. >>Brent
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2016 on Amazon does it again! at AdScam/The Horror!
Thanks, Life Imitates -- article has my sentiments exactly. (Article is behind a paywall for non-subscribers, but I found it via another path by Googling the title.)
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on Headline of the day!!! at AdScam/The Horror!
It's not our gun laws, folks. It's our lack of enough police officers to do the job -- Rahm promised to bring hundreds more officers aboard if he was elected, and then he did just the opposite. But don't get me started about the lack of individual responsibility, poor parenting, gang culture, and lenient judges that have turned our south and west sides into real s***holes.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on Headline of the day!!! at AdScam/The Horror!
Where's the swoosh underneath the letters? Boy, Bruce Mason at Chicago HQ was so damn proud of that logo addition in the '90s.
Ali drove a Benz. Les and Mary drove a Buick convertible off a ravine in their near-fatal accident. Guess the young-uns at Rogue felt that using Elvis -- the iconic Cadillac driver -- wasn't hip enough.
Eleanor Roosevelt's commercial was for Good Luck Margarine, and can be seen in all its excruciatingly bad glory at Guess even a First Lady has to pay the bills -- sad. >>Brent
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2014 on A true original! at AdScam/The Horror!
Wow, great reference, Auntie, but probably you, George and I are the only people old enough to remember Dagmar. (Kids, before there was the Tonight show there was Broadway Open House in the 50's which had this well-endowed hostess with a penchant for torpedo bras, and this coined the phrase for the two projections from Caddy front bumpers.) George, how about a picture?
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2014 on Now I can buy a Cadillac! at AdScam/The Horror!
Gee, I would have brought back the ducklings.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2014 on Now I can buy a Cadillac! at AdScam/The Horror!
Actually, the Sean Connery "In My Life" cut is right off the George Martin album from the late 90s -- and given Singapore's loose interpretation of copyright laws this might be an unauthorized rip.
True story I remember: There was a small Chicago laundry detergent company with a product called LITE at the same time that Meister Brau's original Lite-branded beer came out here. The woman owner of the company was pissed someone else dared use the name, and ran small ads in the Chicago papers headlined "LITE TASTES SOAPY." As an ad major at the time, I thought it was hilarious.
Hey, methinks, pretty sure it wasn't Hamms -- Miller Lite was a rebranded Meister Brau Lite, a Chicago brewer that Miller eventually acquired in the late 60s/early 70s IMMSMC. Hamms was the Minnesota brewer with the animated bear and "From the land of sky blue waters" jingle.
An arrogant, horribly-executed strategy that required shoppers to have a cheat sheet to understand what was specially-priced when. The teaser ads with screaming shoppers were a shameful waste of money. And whether you call it JCP or Jacques Penne, it's the same old mediocre experience.
Don't believe it for one instant. Shatner's a major Priceline shareholder -- he's been paid in their stock rather than cash from day one. And he's shifted from being a spokesperson under his own name to playing an oddball character -- maybe it's only the "Negotiator" character that's been iced. He'll be back. >>Brent
At least they're giving Tim Allen a job as new Volt spokesman, though I would rather have seen Bob Seger. So much for the crowdsourcing gimmick.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2012 on does GM hate America? at AdScam/The Horror!
Best factory visit ever: in the '80s to the giant plant in Bristol, Indiana where then-popular chain Ponderosa Steakhouse formulated its "steaks" from utility-grade meat scraps (one step above dog food cutter & canner grades), shaped in molds, poked with needles, and frozen into artificial goodness. Other than the Soylent factory, it doesn't get any more disgusting.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2011 on Hi… I’m the new client! at AdScam/The Horror!
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Nov 13, 2011