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Great post, Robert. I've been waiting to see additional confirmation before I get too excited about this new pope, and there does seem to more of it in today's news. It's a step in the right direction. But boy, does the church still have a long way to go!
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To finish my last: And maybe even *ask* for those experiences. Ask who? The universe, your largest self, God--they're all the same.
"I have a practical problem with this statement in that the vast majority of people who do believe in the continuity of life will or may never have a personal, evidential experience. Sad yet spot on true." Od, that's a good point, though evidential experiences do come in all sizes, shapes and varieties, and are not as rare as you're suggesting. "Ultimately, it's a test of rationality coordinated with intuition, bumpy grounds or gifts from the Creator." The only life I'm somewhat of an expert on is my own. And I'm grateful that the clues or gifts I needed in order to find my way forward, kept showing up in my own experience. And I would invite others to keep an open mind to *their* own experiences.
"No one will ever know the truth who relies on other people to tell it to them." Boy, is that ever the truth. I'm deeply grateful for my precognitive dreams and experiences in altered states. Without them, I might still be sitting on the fence wondering whether psi and the spiritual realm are real. Actually, without those personal proofs, I doubt I would even have had reason to look into this stuff in the first place.
no one, I'd love to hear about your alien encounter. I know we've exchanged emails before, but I can't find your address for the life of me. Mine is Bruce (followed by the usual symbol) Thanks!
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Robert, I'm a musician, and I too was trying to figure out the part about hearing a "natural D". (I saw this debate on Amazon, I believe, under Woerlee's review for Carter's book. Woerlee's struggling here with concepts and terms that that are foreign to him. He says "natural pitch", but he's actually referring to the musical ability that musicians call "perfect pitch" or "absolute pitch". It simply means that Pam could hear a certain pitch, and without referring to any instrument, recognize it as, for example, a D. I think Woerlee is saying that if Pam could use her perfect pitch ability, then by definition, she must have been using her physical ears. Now I know for certain this is false. Because years ago I woke up from a dream in which I heard some music, and said to myself, wow--I know what note that is. (I was just training my own sense of perfect pitch at the time, and was delighted to have this confirmation of my ability.) Still "hearing" the note in my head, I then went over to the piano, played it, and was spot on. This happened to me more than once. So yes--it is possible to "hear" a pitch, without using the physical ear, and know precisely what pitch it is.
"It's said that you can access your entire life, and that it's spread out in front of you like a diorama, so you can enter into each memory and relive it. But I wondered, does that mean anyone can access the same memories? . . . And if so, how would you feel about that?" Interesting point, Robert. I know that on a day to day basis, I'd be embarrassed for others to know what I'm thinking much of the time. And my reluctance, I think, boils down to the fear of losing love. But the life review is usually described as taking place in the presence of a guide who loves us unconditionally, which of course has a profound effect on how experiencers feel about themselves. So my guess is, in that context, what's to fear? And I think that's born out by the woman who said: "You might think that some of it might be embarrassing or personal, and it was. But there was no need for privacy, as strange as that might seem." (I'm certain she meant *potentially* embarrassing.) As I suspect you did, I found those shared life reviews to be quite touching--a final chance for loved ones to see aspects of the dying person they may have kept hidden from view. By the way, I agree with Robert Perry that though the cases may have been few, Moody does really seem to have accomplished once again what he does so well: pick a phenomenon, put a name to it, and make you feel like he's sharing something shiny and new.
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'From an Infinite standpoint there is no telepathy, there is only Subjectivity." That's a good way of saying it!
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"high energy packets or boluses of metaphysical information" I have no personal experience of that phenomenon, but I've heard a similar description from many, varied, sources. "I can't rule out that my patient wasn't telepathically in touch with aspects of my own mind" Wouldn't you agree that ultimately, there's only ONE mind, anyway?
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" It was extraordinary to sit in my therapy room listening to a patient that I spent several hundred therapy hours convey what I might label as Hermetic Philosophy and elements of the Perennial Philosophy (Aldous Huxley's term)." Rick49, that's fascinating. Reminds me of Brian Weiss's account of how he opened up to the paranormal through a patient of his who, under hypnosis, suddenly began channeling metaphysical insights (and also gave Weiss detailed personal information about himself she couldn't have known through normal means). And Grof talks about giving LSD to spiritually naive patients who start talking in depth about reincarnation and other esoteric matters.
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That's me!
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I'm glad you found my dream interesting, Robert. I saw your model for CMPEs. Very interesting! I see how my dream clearly has some elements of that. I tend to think of it as a precognitive dream because that's a category I'm familiar with. It's funny because in some ways, the dream was so different from the waking event (a president instead of an author, speaking instead of writing, etc). But in essence, as you can see from the the correlations I listed, they were really precisely the same. This dream was different than many of my dreams, and weaker in a way, because there were no visual images that correlated with the waking event. Those can be really specific in my dreams--like a squirting hose, or an unusual carved picture frame, or a helicopter flying with a person who's not in it, but beneath it. It was a dream with that last image in it, as well as other quirky details, that finally convinced me of the reality of psi. That's after years of fence-sitting. Andrew Paquette just released a book about precognitive dreams with examples from his journal--many of them stunning and infinitely better than mine. It's called Dreamer, and I recently reviewed it on Amazon.
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Robert M and Robert P, Great piece, Robert P! Interestingly, what you wrote became the focus of one of my precognitive dreams. I've written the following up for my own journal, and I'll pass it along here. Though I'm well aware that one's dream journal can be less than thrilling for others to read. :o) As (and if) you read this, please remember that, as so often happens with me, the dream and the corresponding waking event were very close to each other, in this case a half hour or less. DREAM: I had a dream in which I think I see President Obama, but I realize that it is only someone who resembles him. I see the false Obama a second time, and on the second occasion, I know it is the false Obama, and remark to someone else, who IS fooled, that yes, he resembles Obama a lot, especially when he talks. I remember ending the dream with the second encounter, focusing on the man's speech, thinking how much it sound like the President's. I clearly remember my great surprise at seeing Obama in a place where I would never expect to see him, a place that I normally hang out, but that doesn't seem like HIS territory. WAKING EVENT: I visited Robert McLuhan's blog within a half hour of waking up. I was very surprised to see an article by him, because he had just written one a few days ago, and normally there's a period of weeks between posts. I read the entire article, not understanding that it was Robert Perry's writing, and thinking it was McLuhan's. I enjoyed the article a lot, thinking what a fine writer McLuhan was. When I finished the article, saw the comments, and eventually realized whose writing it was, I looked at the article and pondered it again, and thought about the fact that it STILL reminded me of McCluhan's way of presenting an argument. CORRELATIONS BETWEEN DREAM AND WAKING EVENT: • The dream and W.E. both focus on a male whom I admire, a person of strength and authority in his field. • I think I see that person. • I am both surprised and delighted to see that person in that specific place. • I eventually realize that it's not who I think it is, but that I was fooled, in particular, by how similarly they speak. • On a second "meeting" (in the waking event, my second reading) I am not taken in, but still I reflect on, and am surprised by, how similarly they speak. • In both cases, the "impostor" is not intending to mislead others. The mistake is all mine. Strong points: • Can't remember having other dreams of mistaken identity. • Last dream on awakening. • Waking event happens within half an hour. So there it is, Robert and Robert. A coincidence? Maybe. But as I said, this pattern happens often--the last dream before waking up, and something that actually happens within an hour or so.
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