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Bruce Crawford
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I don't know how the FAA would react but CASA, the Australian equivalent, has been fining people heavily for flying drones where they shouldn't (like over their neighbours' houses). For example: and I'm curious also as to how people see drone photography. Is it even "real" photography given the camera is not in the hands of the photographer?
That's a lovely house Mike. You've done very well. I particularly love the trees around it. In Melbourne Australia I'd guess it would cost about $900,000 in the outermost suburbs (30 km or more from the city centre) and several million anywhere near the city. Cheers, Bruce
Mike, A quick Australian eating guide: Pavlova (we typical just say "Pav") is commonly eaten, Kangaroo is rarely eaten and seems mostly to be a restaurant meal. Cheers, Bruce
Mike, A really nice simple design. A good font, good use of colour and the lens diagram is interesting enough to perhaps prompt questions from the curious. I wish you better luck than I've had with mine. Got a box of 500 when I was promoted in '05 and I pretty much still have them. I never remember to take them with me. Cheers, Bruce
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2013 on This Is Getting Serious at The Online Photographer
Mike, Are you saying that Conservation of Mass and Energy don't apply to the human body? Regards, Bruce
Analysing humor? Next we'll be measuring poetry!
Don't try to resist the reality distortion field. If Apple says its a 50 mm macro lens then its a 50 mm macro lens! Regards, Bruce
Ctein, A question and a request. Question: Was you ranking of the prints subjective or did you have an objective measure of noise? If the former then I'm afraid I've got my doubts about your rankings being right at the fine level. It's easy to pick 1 and 40 apart (or even 1 and 10) but 4 and 5 will most likely be subjective. Request: Please label your axes. Cheers, Bruce
If you really want a mortgage you can have mine :)
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Jan 4, 2012