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About twenty years ago there was a published study by a group of orthopedic surgeons (going by memory), who noted that people who wore bike helmets had fewer head injuries by some amount, like 80%. However, they also noted that the helmet riders had fewer broken bones and soft internal injuries. Obviously, helmets would have no effect there, so they wondered what was actually going on. They found that people who voluntarily wear bike helmets tend to ride more carefully, and that is the factor reducing the injuries, not the helmets per se. The prediction: Forcing children to wear bike helmets gives them a false sense of security, and will actually increase the accident rate. As it turns out, that is true, the accident rates go up when children are forced to wear helmets. Since the research report was published in the newspapers, I'm betting you could find it in the archives.
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Ah, well, being on the other side of the halfway point does prompt some thought, and often action. Fellow blogger Maggie in Montreal ( ppted for laser surgery for her eyes, tattoos, nose stud, navel piercing, learning to scuba dive, and a tropical vacation. By coincidence, our church just finished a series of sermons on “30 days to live,” meaning, what would you do if you knew you had but 30 days to live. I passed that along to Roger Ebert, and his response was: “Stop counting.” On a more philosophical note, you will find that the fear of death decreases as you become older and the creaks and groans become a permanent part of your life. In short, there will come a time when death will be a welcome release from this world and not something to be feared. Until then, live life to its fullest, not selfishly but as part of the big picture of being a decent human being. From reading your blog, and the photos of the cats, I’d say you are a most decent person and a good friend to many, so you are already well on your way.
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