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I couldn't stand Curley's arrogance, so no loss there. This is an incredibly fast change even for radio. I wonder if anyone has really thought this through? Were the ratings with Curley bad? That said, I enjoy both Dave Ross and Linda Thomas.
I'd rather listen to Gregg than Bill Radke's yawning presentation on KIRO.
Radke is difficult to listen to, especially when he thinks he's being funny. He's not. KIRO bought a lemon with him. I've noticed Tangney in the morning now too. It's painfully obvious that Radke is painful as a host. He can't pull a thought out of his @SS. They pair him up with Tangney who has an opinion on almost everything whether he knows something about it or not. I'd rather hear Tangney and Thomas ditch Radke.
The News Chick's show is not rehash, it's different than what is on during the week. Improvement over the week too because there's no Radke on her show. I don't get how this guy can fool so many people. He's a comedian but he's not funny, he's worked on a money show for NPR but he's ignorant when he talks about financial news, and his weekend show is a conversation with anyone around the station he could round up, including his producer who always derails the conversation and sounds awful. I like Luke Burbank, he actually has some brains, but Radke is a wannabe in every category. Not gonna be anything but boring and slow in my opinion.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on KIROFM presents: refried weekends at BlatherWatch
What you call satire is going to have to be proven in court. Lawyer up. This is libel.
Public radio, in general, has an arrogant and condescending tone. I haven't figured out if they train people to be that way with their emotionless, dry wit or if people who are emotionless are simply drawn to that kind of radio.
Jessica sounds fake to me. Linda sounds real. Real is sexier than fake any day.
I liked listening to Heather. It seems like a lot of good people are leaving KIRo, is that to pay for Radke's ego?
I liked Tony and thought for awhile he sounded really good with Linda Thomas. She has a way of bringing out the best in anyone she works with, although she has her hands full trying to pull some excitement out of Radke. He's the most passionless, pointless, person I've ever heard on the radio. I don't understand what KIRO liked about him in the beginning and now although he can get through a few minutes without making a technical mistake, he's boring and puts me back to sleep.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Tony Miner RIP 2000-2011 at BlatherWatch
What's the deal with Radke? He came back to Seattle with the reputation of being some big NPR guy and a stand up comedian. He's definitely an NPR guy (a whiny liberal who proclaims he's not a liberal). He's definitely not funny. Sarcastic, mean spirited, undercutting yes, but funny. I don't think so, do you?
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2011 on KIRO's website makeover at BlatherWatch
Good Luck Alex. Have to agree with the above Dan Restione is the worst. Thinks he's interesting. He's not. Curley has been a surprise, not bad but always better when he's paired up with someone. I want to like Radke but so far have not been impressed. Thomas dances circles around him and she'd be a better driver while he should be in the backseat of the show.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2011 on Boy, that that was quick... at BlatherWatch
If Bill Radke was Hatch's idea, then he should be gone. Radke brings his NPR snobbery to KIRO in the worst possible way. Elitist, thinking he's brilliant, but really coming off boring for the most part. I listen to CBS and Linda's news at the top of the hour, and every hour today he had the same "I'm James Franco with Ann Hathaway" line.
Someone above noticed Radke on his blog is calling himself the "voice of Seattle's morning news." What an arrogant prick. He's not even the voice of is own blog. He may think he's something special, but Linda is the brains, soul and voice of that show. Clearly advertisers get that she's the leader of that show. Should someone tell Radke, or let him continue thinking he's important? Go back to NPR where your snark is right at home.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2011 on RIP Frank Shiers 2005-2011 at BlatherWatch
KIRO has dumbed down its station, maybe that's who's listening to commercial radio. I have to say Radke has been a huge disappointment. He's not funny, he's not particularly smart, he's clearly reading things people write for him and when he writes his own stuff it's painful to listen to as he struggles through it. I keep listening because I like Linda Thomas on news. She's obviously the smart one.
I thought Tony Minor was going to KTTH? Is that just a place to stick him until his contract is up? I don't like KIRO's new morning show. Too much of Radke, not enough Thomas.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Whither KTTH? is dave boze toast? at BlatherWatch
I'm looking forward to a smart combination of Bill and Linda in the morning. Tony is an alright guy too, he never seemed to have much to say. Wish him well though. Welcome Bill!
I'd like hearing Bob, Spike and Joe on KIRO. The new setting might freshen up their perspectives. With the exception of Linda Thomas, you could get rid of the whole news staff at KIRO and who would miss them? How many people are there anyway? Likely a clean swap of their salaries for Bob's.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on BREAKING: Bob Rivers out at KZOK! at BlatherWatch
Wish they'd podcast the news in the morning so I wouldn't have to sit through endless home improvement and Shick Shadel commercials. Any one know what they're doing with the morning news anyway? Is Tony Minor in there for good now?
Andrew's point that "it doesn't really matter" is most accurate. Radio isn't where I get most of my information anymore. That said, I could hear Bob Rivers and Linda Thomas but if KIRO snags him would they also have to employ Bob's coat tail riders who've been with him all those years? Or would Bob insist on taking his whole team and blowing out everyone else at KIRO in news to make room for his salary?
By shoe dropping, do you mean talk show hosts or more news changes? Noticed that KIRO has a job opening posted for a morning news host. I assumed Tony Miner was temporary. He's boring and doesn't have the right energy for mornings. Maybe Ron and/or Don will do mornings?
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on KMPS moves along them dogies... at BlatherWatch
I don't understand what KIRO has gained by getting rid of Gregg Hersholt? Maybe people are happier in the newsroom without him, over the years it seems like he's been a real jerk off. Tony Minor might be more well liked, but he's dull and robotic on air. Duffman, regarding Restione, I don't know what he contributes in the newsroom but his voice and subjects of news stories in the morning are always a tune out for me.
Duffman, I thought I was the only one who didn't get it with Resitone. He does the most useless reports and sounds awful. If I cared about obscure British animal references, he'd be the guy but he is the biggest turn off they have on the mornings. They might as well toss out the news product, put someone interesting in there, let Linda Thomas do news and keep blogging and they'd all be better off.
Tony Miner is boring, bland, washed up and old. You don't blow out a long time newscaster with name recognition in the market to replace him with the same kind of person who has less skills. I don't find Miner to be entertaining, and his news reading and money reports are robotic. Even though Miner is probably a lot cheaper, it's a step back for KIRO. They need to breathe new life into the mornings with a more interesting news format that doesn't rely on the same four tired stories and endless commercials.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on Gregg Hersholt, 1984-2010 R.I.P. at BlatherWatch
If anyone goes at KIRO it needs to be Hersholt. He sounds better with Linda Thomas than before, but still a full of himself blow hard.
Glad to hear Hersholt was demoted. He sounds increasingly insecure, always trying to get the last word and pitifully laughing at his own corny jokes. I don't think 9 to noon has an edge but it does break from the too often repeated news. Brian Calvert and Linda Thomas would sound good together if it's supposed to be a social media show.