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I think this writer also forgot the fact the Canucks scored three 5-on-3 goals in game 4 against the sharks. Hockey is meant to be played 5-on-5 and if you think it's unfair that one team doesn't get (enough?) power plays in one game, it might be because the other team was indeed disciplined. Power Plays are not granted, most penalities are drawn by the opposing team, pretty much all of them, so if the Canucks want some power plays, they'll have to draw them by being faster than the Bruins and forcing them to hook or make nervous plays like interferreence or delay of game. If the Bruins donminate the play, then they will eb the oens forcing the penality calls on Vancouver. And last I checked, people in boston don't even like Colin Campbell for closing his eyes on the Cooke hit.
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I live in Drummondville, where the Voltigeurs of the QJMHL play (The team Guy Boucher got to the Memorial cup with 2 years ago, before going to Hamilton). Back in the late '90s, Patrick Roy was attending a game there and I had a hockey card of Cam Neely scoring on Roy, I got it autographed by Roy... according to my dad he wasn't too happy about it. My other great memory is when Ray Bourque finally got to win the cup.
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You mad bro?
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Québec! So Québec police and Montréal Police can open criminal investigations on each other everytime the Canadiens and Nordiques play!!
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Marchand was benched during the whole 3rd period because of his penality with 1 minute remaining in the second. His interference panality opened the door to the Isles who scored with 2 seconds remaining in the second. That changed the momentum around and the B's weren't able to egt it back in the third. I've noticed Marchand has been taking a lot more stupid penalities since that game against Vancouver. I saw him play his junior here in Québec and he was an agitator, his job was mostly to egt under other player's skin and he was mostly there for that. He also played the 4th line in Boston for a while. He's been concentrating on scoring since he was promoted with Bergeron, but it seems his old habits are coming back, which so far has turned into too many useless penalities that has put the Bruins in trouble.
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Mar 15, 2011