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Thanks Timothy
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Ok, Timothy. Suppose the text gets a bit more scientific: "Smith and Jones base their model of life on three key assumptions: (1) People live and die; (2) they laugh and cry; (3) they love some and hate others." Does the principle of capital after colon still stand? Or is there some countervailing style to do with numbered lists in running text? The trick I use is this: change the colon to a period, then decide on the status of the stuff after the period. In this new case, for my money, that stuff could still stand as a complete and independent sentence. What do you think?
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Hello Timothy Thank you for responding so quickly.
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Hi Timothy - could we go a bit further with Yolanda's question. Here's a couple of examples: Life is short: People live and die. Life is full: People live and die; they laugh and cry; they love some and hate others. I hope we agree that "People live and die." is a sentence. So the first example is in APA style: "People" gets a capital. But is the second? I say yes, it is, because the whole of "People ... others." is itself a sentence. Do you agree?
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Apr 16, 2015