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Alexander Brusilovsky
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SOLVED: (worked for me on Windows 8, Acrobat XI, Office 2010) Option 1: 1. Print from Acrobat using "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" Output is: "your file name.oxps" 2. Open "...oxps" with XPS Viewer. *(see download link in comments below) 3. Print to PDF (Acrobat PDF, or CutePDF), using the highest resolution (600 DPI). 4. Open with Acrobat and use OCR (Searchable Image (Exact)) option. BINGO! Comments: - Using highest resolution and Searchable Image (exact) will save your text without loosing its clean appearance. Low resolution will make your text readable, but crappy looking. - Download Microsoft XPS (files): - If you don't know what OCR is, or where to find Searchable Image (exact), or How to print using "Microsoft XPS Document Writer", PLEASE, Google it on your own, for your own best experiences. *Download only if you do not have XPS installed. Option 2: Do similar, but save as image (png, tiff, ...), then you will have to combine all pages back in one "PDF" file.
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Mar 24, 2013