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Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Interests: Reading: geopolitics, psychology, sociology. Exposing high-level liars: politicians and feminists.
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And the outcome of the 40% law? We know it will mean incompetent management boards. And we all know the reason behind that. The 60% that will be men will have been oppressing the female minority by preventing them realizing their true abilities. Clear abuse! Only one answer. A new 100% law of women only. Management positions will be off-limits to men. No more abuse! And feminist equality applied to its full.
Yeah, there's bias. But there's another possibility that's not out the question: there is a fair number of innumerate drips among feminists. Education standards have been dropping lower and lower and the main beneficiaries of that have been women. The education system is now geared to making women look smarter while demotivating and alienating men. Hence, idiots writing for national papers who don't understand that if 3/4 of employees in one sector are women, then 3/4 of any all-round losses will be women. This issue came up again a few years ago when I was still a regular commenter on the Guardian talkboard before I got banned for supplying too many facts the Guardian didn't like. Many commenters raised exactly the same point. Some of their writers have learned nothing. Others are continuing with the same lies knowing full well there's a fair chance of getting away with them.
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Jul 5, 2013