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Bryan Wicks
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The good news - it just doesn't seem to stop! From a freeze out famine to a feast filled Friday in a matter of weeks.. how fabulous is that? Best of luck in your new launch on Monday. Of course I will be listening in with great interest! :)
This was a blog post that was weeks in the making. But I knew that this day would eventually come. Rush Limbaugh spoke highly of you not all that long ago on-air, and it will soon be clear that your new employers are going to benefit from the well of good will that will follow you to the shores of AM 660. And to double down on the class, you even brought Susan along for the ride! Wow, wow, wow! While Sean will be missed, I am sure that there will be capable technical wizardry available to make your show a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Congrats to you, to Susan, to AM 660, and to the rest of us as well! Cue the James Brown, folks, because I FEEL GOOD!! :)
One should worry more about the disciples of Statism than the believers of Mormonism as elected members of the former will bring the country into the financial abyss faster than the latter. Harry Reid, being the exception, of course. ;-)
You've hit another home run with your current inning of inside baseball discussion, Mark! Thanks again for a great column, and I look forward to hearing you on May 14th.
Thanks for the update! Loved your shows on the EIB network last week, and your son is blessed to have such great parents. Continue to post when you can, and never forget to live like you really mean it! ;-)
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Apr 10, 2012
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Apr 10, 2012