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After your podcast with Susan about the festival, I wanted to go pretty badly. I considered getting the school to pay for it, considering Henry Jenkins is speaking there and he's a pretty big figure in our computer-mediated communication class, yet I've had plans made for this weekend so I could not get a chance to. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to say about the festival on here and twitter though! Enjoy it for me too, Michael!
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If interfaces are what kills a game, old RPGs are really stakes in my heart. I have gone back, on recommendations from friends, and tried to play old Ultima games, Shining Force games, and Dragon Quests, all RPG series that I missed in their earlier days, and I just cannot get past the interfaces. The number of steps it takes for me to talk to someone or use an item are just archaic. I'd argue opposite your point and say games without stories may age better. Look at how many people will still download Pac-Man: Championship Edition, or download Pac-Man to their iPhone because that game does not take much to be appreciated. Tetris, the game that moved Game Boys, had no story, and people still pick up Tetris DS today. Even Mario's story was weak, and just a simple excuse to get you from point A to point B. Nobody ever said "Man, the narrative of Super Mario Bros. was deep and insightful."
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on Evergreen games at Brainy Gamer
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I recently have had a resurgence in my Wii-appreciation. The games that got me back into the swing of things with the Wii were House of the Dead Overkill and MadWorld. While I've only slightly touched the latter, my friends and I have been playing through it. I thoroughly enjoy the game enough to say that anyone who tosses aside the notion that the Wii has games for the "core" gamer is missing some big points. I've also got Punch Out!! sitting here waiting to be played, but I haven't got the time for it. The Wii and I have rekindled our friendship.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on Wii got it good at Brainy Gamer
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