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Bryce Leo
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If you're serious and actually want or can use a guinea pig, contact me. Grew up a pudgy kit. Hit 6'4" 173 back in highschool, skinny and low muscle from tons and tons of basketball. Stopped basketball when I got to college. Hit 200 By end of freshmen year. By the time I graduated I was 260. By December 2010 I was 280. January 2011 (273) I started Slow-Carb, Moved to primal in Feburary. Until end Middle of June I maintained a cheat meal on Friday. I've since given up a cheat meal and only have occasional cheats, approximately one item per weak (Ice cream, cake, pizza) I'm down to 213 and Carry more muscle than I ever have. If you want any further information or future updates please contact me.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2011 on Am I A Paleo Diet Success Story? at Matt Metzgar
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I don't really understand your point here Matt. No "diet" works long term, EVER. That's why it's a diet, it's a temporary measure to make a change from one body composition to another (this includes gainer diets as well). It doesn't make Paleo/Primal/Perfect Health or any High fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carb diet any less effective long term. Finding subjects for a study with a defined term is a fairly easy task. Finding subjects to will honestly make a lifelong commitment is not. The people who do make the long term permanent commitment to change for their whole life don't give a spit about some stupid study, they just care about saving their own freaking skin (and rightfully so).
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Sep 12, 2011