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West Palm Beach
The Blues Brothers stole my line: I'm on a mission from God.
Interests: reading, writing, running
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nothing wrong with helping people to covet...
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this was a dynamite book. not only did it make me cry, but it also made me laugh out loud in public.
Great post, Chris...
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on New Creations at Heartbeats from the 'Hood
helpful. thanks, bob...
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That place looks like a Mormon temple and you all lookfreshly baptised. Just sayin'.
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I'm sad that 39 is "middle-aged".
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This is the kind of sermon they give when I bring my non-believer mom to church for her once a decade visit.
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If heard it said that a church has a little business side to it. But what we're seein' these days are alot of businesses with a little church side to them.
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There are two ways to view the world: 1. the way John MacArthur sees it 2. the way Satan sees it
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I've seen Don Miller give this talk and I've also heard the talk given on MP3. It's informative and inspirational. Here's a link to the MP3:
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2008 on Donald Miller on the Power of Story at LeadingSmart
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