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BSI Cleaning Services
Edmonton, AB
BSI Cleaning Services is satisfying the need of the times we remain in. we worry about cross contamination during the cleaning procedure. We comprehend that nowadays sanitization is quite as crucial as just the basic cleaning.Edmonton Cleaning Services understands that we are human and we can miss out on things along the way, so we have actually implemented a quality assurance program with random screening to guarantee that you are getting the value you deserve.A great deal of mishaps take place due to absence of training on the right way to do things and policy to assure that our cleaners are at optimum peak efficiency for the very best results of the job. Our cleaners sign our Health and Safety policy handbook and they are trained on how to prevent mishaps and exactly what to do if one occurs.BSI Cleaning Services780-244-368121-10405 Jasper Ave NW Suite 713 Edmonton, ABT5J 3S2
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Nov 8, 2015