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This young man probably needed medication, seems to have had a very difficult time recently. "Cruz's mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia on Nov. 1 neighbors, friends and family members said, according to the Sun Sentinel. Cruz and her husband, who died of a heart attack several years ago, adopted Nikolas and his biological brother, Zachary, after the couple moved from Long Island in New York to Broward County. The boys were left in the care of a family friend after their mother died”
Great write up i believe, and not a bad idea for all to look at the structural changes that have taken place over the years and study to see if it's part of a big bang type occurrence or intelligent design. Keynes at Harvard is another one of the Frankfurt school instructional books out there in the world These intellectua/ideologues have been working long and hard on this project.
Red cloud i agree with you and below is a quote by Pat Buchanan showing that the U.S does not seem too interested in dealing with the very real consequences of attacking N.K. 'assuming this crisis is resolved, what does the future of U.S.-North Korean relations look like? consider the past. In 1968, North Korea hijacked the USS Pueblo on the high seas and interned its crew. LBJ did nothing. In April 1969, North Korea shot down an EC-121, 100 miles of its coast, killing the crew. Nixon did nothing. Under Jimmy Carter, North Koreans axe-murdered U.S. soldiers at Panmunjom. We defiantly cut down a nearby tree. Among the atrocities the North has perpetrated are plots to assassinate President Park Chung-hee in the 1960s and ’70s, the Rangoon bombing that wiped out much of the cabinet of Chun Doo-hwan in 1983, and the bombing of Korean Air Flight 858, killing all on board in 1987. And Kim Jong Un has murdered his uncle and brother. If the past is prologue, and it has proven to be, the future holds this. A renewal of ICBM tests until a missile is perfected. Occasional atrocities creating crises between the U.S. and North Korea. America being repeatedly dragged to the brink of a war we do not want' The North Koreans are at the very least as intransigent and possibly way more as Fidel Castro was in his confrontations with the U.S
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"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." T.Pynchon THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, UNDER THE STEWARDSHIP OF BARACK OBAMA, WAS ILLEGALLY SPYING ON AMERICANS It's not the administration that is violating the constitution by overlooking their responsibility to guard against violating the constitution. It is the NSA It is the NSA.
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May 28, 2017