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Great to see this post, Allen! I’ve been wondering exactly how KM will shake out in our new “social” world. I look at KM as a very broad category that really touches on virtually every part of an organization. KM is about answering “how do I help people find answers to what they are looking for?” - whether it’s an explicit document or whether it’s an implicit process or fact that is locked up in someone’s head. If it’s the latter, how do I make this usable for others? That’s where social and collaborative technologies really come into play. We’re potentially talking about a tremendous amount of quantity of unstructured data. Technology alone won’t do it. The need to have someone providing some curation of the material into Best Bets and/or Best Practices is even greater when talking about adding the social element. This doesn’t have to come at expense of having open dialogue and engagement. Just that when someone asks a question, I think to have a vetted answer that comes back is best. (Example of curated material: Think Wikipedia…constantly being cleaned up but still openly contributed too). As with any social media effort, there also needs to be a clear corporate policy (who responds to customers’ posts about service issues? How will you go about mining this information and using it? How will you determine what information to push out via Twitter and FB?). Your three use cases are right on track, IMO. I see plenty of technology and process challenges with implementation, and lots of opportunity for M&A and OEM on the technology side. Good times!
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Oct 20, 2010