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HoH loner geek.
Interests: Paranormal, cryptozoology, the unknown, movies, deaf rights, womens rights, and lots of other stuff.
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The only reason why I don't rah rah Amazon is because Amazon doesn't have captioning. Other than that, they have mostly the same thing Netflix has, as far as stuff I want to see.
I like BB for the fact they have DVDs that Netflix doesn't have. I'm not talking about just new releases, either.
Dang. I love Zediva.
I am dropping Netflix. I love(d) Netflix, been a member since 2004, but the love affair is over. Streaming isn't all that to me personally, and the little bit I do watch, I can watch for free with Amazon Prime. I have a Redbox across the street (literally) from my home. Goodbye, Netflix.
Just another strike against Netflix. I was always told that ALL Roku devices were caption-capable (I have an original Roku box), so this has to be on Netflix.
Well, I have to say as someone who is dumping Netflix this week because of the price increase, this cheers me up a little. Now if Amazon would just get subtitles or captions...