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I think it's unreasonable to expect every company to be 100% accommodating. Does this mean now that every book ever printed must be available in an audio version for the blin, what about websites? I don't tank my local paper offers a Braille version, should I sue them? What about movie theaters? Never seen a movie with subtitles at theater, and that would piss me off if I did after paying all that money.
Netflix paid $1.5 million for streaming rights to this movie, Relativity onh made one of the $750,000 payments. I don't see where Netflix did anything wrong.
Epix isn't going anywhere just won't one exclusive anymore.
Firefly The Black Donnelys Caprica Stargate Universe Sarah Connor Chronicles The River I hated how Sarah Connor and The Black Donnelys ended on cliffhangers. I could be happy with just a movie to wrap things up. Also if Syfy is going to pick up Battlestar Blood and Chrome it would be cool if Netflix gave it a look.
Those who are saying it is too expensive are missing out on one point. Netflix doesn't have to cover the cost to fully fund the show. They need to put up enough through licensing to make it worth while but the rest of the investment can be made up through other avenues like licensing to foreign TV or DVD sales etc.
I hope this happens. And since syfy passed on the Battlestar Blood and Chrome pilot I would love to see them pick that up as well, or revive Caprica.
I remember when Xfinity was announced for Xbox they did say that it would not count towards the data cap. All the Comcast news means little to me though because only Charter and Uverse are available where I live. Though I guess now that they own NBC it could be an issue when NBC rights come up for renewal again with Netflix. But that might not even be a big issue, since not every one can get comcast they may be willing to continue licensing to Netflix. Further to keep NBC material from Netflix could look monopolistic and anti competitive.
Ya it may be cheaper, but if it isn't available to everyone in the US and is an add on to other more expensive services how can it really be a threat to Netflix?
I am in episode seven and really enjoying the show. I have no problem with subtitles, watch movies with them all the time, but at times it does seem like in this show that they are not up long enough. I am a fast reader and have had to rewind numerous times when the subtitles switched before I had finished reading them.
anyone else notice they no longer tell you the language before you start a film?
I don't like the new one. Few things about it bug me. First I hate the auto play feature. I hate that when I select a show it goes ahead and starts playing the next available episode and then while it is playing you have to pull up episode list to choose the one you are interested in. Also RB and LB used to jump forward or backwards a few min. that functionality is gone and when you fast forward and rewind the image is static and only the clock moves giving you know visual clues to where in the movie or tv show you have fast forward or rewind to. They did add closed captioning though.
This could go either way for Netlix, could help them save money on postage as people are able to get less dvd's in a month or customers get less dvd's see less value in the service and some ultimately drop. It will be a mix for sure, but too early to tell in which way it will lean the most.
anyone else notice that How I Met Your Mother is being added Nov. 26th?
We spoke and Netflix listened. Netflix Abandons plans for Qwikster, will keep dvd's on Netflix site. I thought maybe the switch was why the website is done, still not working right this morning.
While the website may be down the xbox app has been working just fine.
If you are looking for this show Netflix just has it listed as Borgia but the Faith & Fear part is one the artwork. It is streaming only, no discs. I'm about 1/2 way into first episode.
do a google news search, plenty of the articles say it is exclusive.
I can hear just fine, but sometimes when I watch movies from the UK or Ireland I wish I could turn on CC. I can't always understand everything in movies when the accents are real strong and have many times found myself not understanding what was going on because I couldn't understand the English that was being spoken. I still haven't seen the third movie in the Red Riding Trilogy because I had such trouble understanding what was being said in the first too.
I usually just watch the film and have little interest in the other features. But I am kinda of surprised in licensing films Netflix has secured for streaming more of the making of documentaries.
looks like they will be using @QwiksterDVD
I guess this explains why they ditched the saved queue on the instant queue.
I am having the same issue. My instant queue has 467 titles but if I try to add something it tells me I can't because I already have 500 titles. Normally then I would move something from the saved section but because I can't see it I am not able too. And the saved section will only continue to grow as things expire and if I can't remove them that just means as no titles come available I will have to remove titles from the instant queue if I want to add anything new.
Just saw an article that said that Star trek the Next Generation is being remastered in HD for streaming on Netflix and Epix starting this fall. I know that it is already available in SD but it will be nice to have it in HD instead.
I would love to see them add the Disney shows I grew up watching on ABC in the afternoon when I got home from school. Shows like Tailspins, Duck Tails, Darkwing Duck, and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. I would love to be able to introduce my niece to these great shows.
really? I have actively looked for the function before and never seen it, guess I'm blind. Linda, when i have rated things I haven't seen it has been an accident, quite often when using the touch pad on my laptop as I have scrolled over things I have have inadvertently rated them.