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ok, you've inspired me. I take my dog up to the mountains every weekend, or somewhere and we have our own little version of that. slowly turning green, and don't those fungus skirts remind you of Kaffe Fassett fabric? he's got one of wood burls and one of lichen. which to me, is the prettiest thing ever. one Christmas eve day we gathered some lichen for Santa's reindeer. I just love that color
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on Waking Woods at Posie Gets Cozy
fiona is amazing. I found her duffle bag by Wu and Wu at Casa, in Santa Fe. I was under a spell and had to have it or die right there on the spot. and I never buy anyting for myself. of course, I thought of someone I could buy it for but then told myself "hey! YOU like it. get it!" and it was only twenny bucks. the little girl in the bunny hat and the radish friend knocked me out. I use it all the time. she also has a shopping bag with Michele O'Bama on it that is in my favorite store in Santa Fe. Doodlet's. I even sent Fiona a fan e-missive and she was very grateful. it was a cold and rainy day in England and it brightened it up. I love everything about her work. thanks for showing more of its wonder!
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on Fiona Hewitt at Anahata Katkin
take a jumbo shrimp, butterfly it, stuff it with pesto, wrap half a piece of bacon around it and grill a bunch o'them on a skewer on the barbe. only takes a few minutes to cook the bacon; then squeeze fresh lime juice over them. you are the hit of the party. I am a Tasha fan too. and LASSIE!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2009 on Hot Summer Soup at Posie Gets Cozy