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Calvin Johns
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The 1222 lb-ft of torque would also make it great for pulling stuck bulldozers out of ditches......
Quite a complete article. I don't understand the counterweighted crank, since this is an inline six.
Better yet, use Toyota's HSD drive and get it all over with...
Ford has really stepped up to the bat in recent years, looks like they are still looking forward!
On a slightly different note, I bought my 2005 prius 6 years ago today, it has 115,500 miles on it. I had the brakes inspected and they are still in excellent condition. The lack of maintenance costs on these cars is as remarkable as the fuel economy.
Surely the mileage figures are a misprint. How could they be so low for a high tech 2 liter? Does the car weigh 3 tons?
They are able to run this high compression because of direct injection, mostly. However, it does not take advantage of alchol's much higher octane, that would require a variable compression ratio. With fixed compression, they could bump it up quite a bit more if alcohol were the sole fuel. This engine simply has the ability to run on e85 if the owner desires. The ECU will just inject more fuel to compensate....
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Oct 20, 2010