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This is very true. What I capture in my songs is often emotion inspired by my life events or those of others around me. Crazy Without You is just one example of a song that I wrote that illustrates this idea.
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Some of us are trying to do things the right way by posting what we really have and what we really do to build that "trust" you were talking about. And some of us believe that if people really are interested they will share our content with others. In this manner the content builds it's credibility without the bots, the buy x# of fans for x$s, and other build your base schemes. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?
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I started out with Indigoboom in order to get my songs out to folks using the internet. As part of my annual package, I keep all of my rights and get my songs on Rdio, Zune, Grooveshark, Rhapsody, and Spotify as well as 98 other stores/distributors. This seemed like a way to get my music out in the world and expose people to it that I would never come into contact with otherwise. This has been a much more affordable way to share my music with the world than thousands of dollars invested in cds. Not sure yet if it will be profitable but songs are selling. The first quarter for revenue will be the end of the month so I'll know more then. There have been some bumps and quirks with meta-data that are still being ironed out but so far things are looking good. Some like Zune took a bit longer to go live, I'm not sure why. The CEO of IndigoBoom claims it's their backlog. For some reason they still are not up on Grooveshark or Rhapsody. I'll be cheching in with IndigoBoom again to see why. I'm a songwriter and it's most important that my songs are heard, I'd like to have someone (a performer or producer) want to buy the rights but mostly I want to know that people value my music and get something out of it. Rdio Zune Spotify
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May 8, 2012