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Kudoes to her for taking responsibility for exhaustion and not making excuses for her writing. But they let her work those hours, let her take her sick kids - where is the old slap on the wrist, let's change our policies, we have a problem here. Hire more reporters. There are people who need jobs, let's not work the ones left to death's doorstep.
This is such a shame. It sounds like she may have had a medical condition going on with unreasonable deadlnes. The news reporting has been notoriously lax in the political realms, yet this reporter makes an error over Glee and gets punished. give me a break. Let's hold the polictical reporters to the same standards she was held to and see what happens, there would be no news reporters left. her story was not even about assignation of character. Come on Suntimes... I hope to see they hold their other reporters to higher standards... And they wonder why readership and subscriptions are down. Even if they offered paid subscription to my Ipad I would say no thanks. I hate how women are held to a different standard than their male counterparts. I won't forget this anytime soon.
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Jun 9, 2011